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Terry’s slideshow

Hi!  If y’all care to see Terry’s slideshow for Jay and I, here it is:

Step 1: visit

Step 2: click on “CLIENT ACCESS”

Step 3: enter password: TANK

Step 4: click on “slideshow” and it will take you to “CATHY & JAY: THE WEDDING”.  Wait for the images to load as it’s in flash and then… ENJOY!



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Sunday Morning with Tank


I wanted to gather a few images from bridal magazines this morning (all for my scrapbook, which I use to show suppliers what I mean when I want this or that) as I have been lagging in that department for the past 3 months. I haven’t gotten around to cutting out flagged pages to make any use of them. So that’s what I did this morning before meeting up with Jay.



Tank was with me and he was a sleepy little baby. He was kind of curious, sniffing the mag pages and trying to gnaw at the scrapbook. But for the most part he let me do my thing while he slept… er, snored. I’m meeting with the planner this Tuesday to show her the lomo wall at DPI so she has an idea on what it looks like and how it should be hung/mounted, etc. I’ve also asked 3 more friends to be part of our entourage (Dan, Alexa and Charley), and 2 of them have already accepted (yay!!!); the other one lives in Indonesia so I’ll have to see what her email reply is, if she can make it, etc. Exciting stuff! 🙂 However, 2 of my flower girls (sadly) won’t be able to make it so thank goodness we have a healthy supply of little girls here that we would be more than happy to ask. Thus far, little baby Alyssa (I think she’s 3) and little (8 y/o smartypants and cutypants) Thea are confirmed.

Here’s my experiment with my new 50mm lens (view album here). Thank you for being a cooperative subject, baby Tank.


p.s. We had a really good Saturday as well… we spent the entire day together with Jay’s fam, lazed around for a bit after Earth Day at Alexandra. Then I went to a sat sang with my friend, Dan, which made me really happy cos it was something different and cos I was out with Dan. And then she and I were picked up by Jay, who took us to the Lomo Wall exhibit at DPI in Astoria Plaza, Ortigas; Jay and I have a few pics up and the whole thing turned out quite well. Dan was actually the one who introduced me to lomography with her lc-a in Bali! And then we ended the night with a few Jakarta-Manila friends at Bug’s house. Overall, a great weekend 🙂 Btw, the above 2 links are from Bug’s multiply site, A Bug’s Life 🙂


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