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Terry’s slideshow

Hi!  If y’all care to see Terry’s slideshow for Jay and I, here it is:

Step 1: visit

Step 2: click on “CLIENT ACCESS”

Step 3: enter password: TANK

Step 4: click on “slideshow” and it will take you to “CATHY & JAY: THE WEDDING”.  Wait for the images to load as it’s in flash and then… ENJOY!



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Supplier Rating: Jill Lejano, Photographer

Hello, wedding preppers and web purveyors.

Before I launch into our supplier rating for Jill, first let us tell you why it’s been hard to blog. There are plenty of reasons: no dsl at home (so difficult for my techie husband) yet because we just moved into our place and have not yet been graced by a phone line; busy at work; busy fixing up our place on the weekends; and we’re still recovering from the jetlag and hangover from our 2-week vacay *that needs another vacay after it*.

We went to Bogota, Colombia, for my Kuya Fred’s (and his now wife, Natalia’s) wedding. We did lots of eating – as in eating MEAT, which they have a lot of (well, cows) in Bogota, lots of drinking, and lots of dancing. The eating, drinking and dancing combo – despite the drugs/crime/third-world status of Colombia – has a lot to do with why Colombians are so happy, I think. There’s nothing that a shot of arguadiente or an hour of salsa with friends can’t cure.

Kuya and Nat at Andres Carne de Res, dancing – what else?


Their wedding was held at Hacienda Santibella, and it was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.



Bogota itself was so interesting… it was like Los Angeles, Miami, Manila, and parts of New York balled up in one place.

Their wedding was intimate (120 people) and quaint, but still so romantic and fun to be at, and it was so worth the journey to get there. So congrats to my new sis-in-law, Nat, and to my brudda, Kuya Fred!


On to the supplier rating for a certain Ms. Jill Lejano.

Jill’s an artist and a cool cat. She’s also a professional, she’s damn good at what she does, and she’s a lot of fun to be around. If you’re looking for a traditional portaiture for your pre-nups, or for the old stuff that you see in your Tita or Lola’s wedding albums, then Jill’s not the person to call. But if you want fun, tongue-and-cheek, and candid – the kind of stuff that should be blown-up, framed and displayed – then Jill’s your girl.

I guess, yes, she was our “second” photographer, but that’s just cos we hired her after we hired Terry. But to us, they’re both professionals and extremely good at what they do, and we’re grateful that they shared our big day with us.

A few shots of our pre-nups in Laguna (Casa San Pablo, to be exact) and Alabang:


A few shots from the wedding:


Although Jill took amazing digital shots (all included in our wedding album, along with Terry’s), what we really loved were her lomo/film shots.

Supplier Rating for Photographer, Jill Lejano: 5 stars.

To learn more about Jill and what she does, click here. To inquire about her wedding rates and package, please contact Jill at

Don’t worry, party people. She’s not in the least bit suplada so don’t be scared by the e-mail addy! She’s game for what you and your significant other have planned for your shoots.


Jay and I with Jill, on the dance floor 🙂


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Our weekend

What a weekend!

On Saturday we went to hear the UA&P Choir sing at a wedding at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati.  At this performance, there were 16 of them (Jay knew one of the tenors, funny enough).  We sat upstairs where the choir was at and looked down at the ceremony from the balcony.


We liked the way UA&P sang ‘Bukas Palad’ although we expected them to be louder… so if we go with them, we’ll have to ask for more singers (20 perhaps) cos St. James is a big church and out of the 5 songs we heard in their repertoire, only 3 impressed us and ‘moved’ us; we felt like the first 2 were sorta faint.  But they were good, I mean in terms of voice quality, everything was fine.  We really enjoyed their male soloists.  We’re still going to hear Ateneo and MADZ, although UA&P is still in the running.

After that, we decided we’d fill our cupcake craving and head to Cupcakes by Sonja at Serendra.  On the way, we saw this:

A big ole chowchow on Ayala and then Edsa!  Enjoying his Saturday with his friends in a red car, with not a care in the world.  You go, dog.

Jay and I didn’t realize how much we’d been missing Sonja’s cupcakes until Saturday!  We had ourselves some Vanilla Sunshine, PB&J and Red Velvet Devil’s Foodcake(?) and we were so full and satisfied afterwards.  A lot of people dog Sonja’s probably because they are jelly of all the sales!  That place is always busy.  They complain about the high prices and make sira but then no one has really topped her cupcakes and they sell like.. well, hotcakes 😉   You get what you pay for with Sonja’s and I guess people don’t realize the cost of her overhead. She’s upped the ante with the frosting (thank you! it was too sparse before for our taste) and her cake has gotten better since the opening. 

The following day, Jay and I headed over to a private little place in Puerto with my family and relatives from Mindoro. We snorkeled, went around the different islands, and ate a helluva lot. 

We had an incredible, much-needed weekend with family and with each other.  I took my dlsr around and Jay snapped away in film this time around. 


Sometimes it’s good to see new scenery and landscapes to awaken your sensibilities… to eat different kinds of food, taste different textures, see color saturations and pairings that you don’t always see in the city… just to give you a gentle reminder that there’s so much more out there – not only in our country, but in life – to see and take in.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day weekend, too!

 Saya cintamu, ngusoh.

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Sunday Morning with Tank


I wanted to gather a few images from bridal magazines this morning (all for my scrapbook, which I use to show suppliers what I mean when I want this or that) as I have been lagging in that department for the past 3 months. I haven’t gotten around to cutting out flagged pages to make any use of them. So that’s what I did this morning before meeting up with Jay.



Tank was with me and he was a sleepy little baby. He was kind of curious, sniffing the mag pages and trying to gnaw at the scrapbook. But for the most part he let me do my thing while he slept… er, snored. I’m meeting with the planner this Tuesday to show her the lomo wall at DPI so she has an idea on what it looks like and how it should be hung/mounted, etc. I’ve also asked 3 more friends to be part of our entourage (Dan, Alexa and Charley), and 2 of them have already accepted (yay!!!); the other one lives in Indonesia so I’ll have to see what her email reply is, if she can make it, etc. Exciting stuff! 🙂 However, 2 of my flower girls (sadly) won’t be able to make it so thank goodness we have a healthy supply of little girls here that we would be more than happy to ask. Thus far, little baby Alyssa (I think she’s 3) and little (8 y/o smartypants and cutypants) Thea are confirmed.

Here’s my experiment with my new 50mm lens (view album here). Thank you for being a cooperative subject, baby Tank.


p.s. We had a really good Saturday as well… we spent the entire day together with Jay’s fam, lazed around for a bit after Earth Day at Alexandra. Then I went to a sat sang with my friend, Dan, which made me really happy cos it was something different and cos I was out with Dan. And then she and I were picked up by Jay, who took us to the Lomo Wall exhibit at DPI in Astoria Plaza, Ortigas; Jay and I have a few pics up and the whole thing turned out quite well. Dan was actually the one who introduced me to lomography with her lc-a in Bali! And then we ended the night with a few Jakarta-Manila friends at Bug’s house. Overall, a great weekend 🙂 Btw, the above 2 links are from Bug’s multiply site, A Bug’s Life 🙂


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Viaje del Sol

Happy Buddha at Kusina Salud 

A lot of people have been asking us about Viaje del Sol – what it is, where to find the map, if you have to do the whole thing in a day, who to call, etc.  So if you’re curious and seeking ideas for a roadtrip then read this to get more info on the different places that we’ve actually checked out and highly recommend from Viaje del Sol.  Each is different from the other so keep an open mind and don’t expect the Four Seasons hotel.  These places are the real deal – genuine inns and bed&breakfasts, with straight-up Pinoy cooking that will definitely keep you coming back for more; nothing pretentious, just good ole hospitality that you can enjoy at your own pace.

Enjoy watching this video and this other one to get a sense of the people and places that make up Viaje del Sol.  You can also download the map here and read about the different locales (there are 18) here. 🙂

Oh, for pretty pictures you can VIEW THE PICTURE GALLERY HEREENJOY your journey! 🙂

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Our Awesome Planet

Our friend and blogging maverick, Anton Diaz, who maintains what we think is the best lifestyle blog in the country Our Awesome Planet, blogged about the Love Strip Contest and urged his readers to vote for Jay and I.  Bless Anton!   We really appreciate the fact that we were able to mobilize our friends from all over the world – and we heard from some of you whom we haven’t heard from in ages! Our e-mail inbox was flooded with updates and kind words and if anything, that has been the coolest part about this contest.

Oh – lest we forget – to all blog purveyors out there who took the time to vote – our sincere thanks!!! If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time (until April 15) to vote for Jay and I, Couple #1, here

Again, thanks to everyone’s who’s already voted and blessings to everyone this Holy Week. We leave you all in peace as we take heed from Anton and go on our own blogging fast as well.

Blessings, peace and light to all.

J&C 🙂

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Jay and I need your help. 🙂

We entered Mimi & Karl’s Cliquebooth ‘Love Strip’ Contest at the Wedding Expo last month and came away with this photo:

Clique Booth

And we were picked as 1 of 10 Finalists!!!

The Cliquebooth is something that we really want at our wedding reception. Imagine. Two photography/lomography hobbyists celebrating their Big Day, one photobooth, lots of friends who have just consumed lots of food and wine… it can only be magic! That’s why we really want to win the contest – cos if we get the most votes on Mimi & Karl’s website, we’ll get the Cliquebooth for free at our wedding reception.

So friends, family, and yes, maybe the occasional stranger – we need your help! Please vote for Jay and I here. We’re Couple #1 (yea!). And feel free to pass-on the link to your own friends and family, because the more votes for us, the better! We’re hoping that the blessing that you’re giving us with your vote comes back to you tenfold :).

Voting starts today, April 2, and ends on April 15 – so please vote, vote, vote for Couple #1!!!

Can you tell that we’re excited?


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