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So long, farewell

As I type this, Jay is saying to me, “Sleep now… sleep now…”  I don’t even know if he’s fully awake, actually …

Anyways, we really have to bid this blog farewell.  We have absolutely no time to blog at the moment as LIFE is just kicking us in the a$$.  In a good way 🙂  but an ass-kicking is an ass-kicking and we come home fulfilled but tired.  Jay’s been good, he’s been playing basketball at least twice a week.  I, on the other hand, have resorted to calling my stretches after a shower “exercise.”  Not good.

I’m definitely still in the wedding loop in a way (contributing to the Philippine publication of Martha Stewart Weddings – think the maiden issue will come out in September) but again, we need to put this bad boy to rest already.  I’ve decided that any time I have on the side should be devoted writing of a more literary kind and that I really need to start reading more so I can get inspired to actually write.  It’s a vicious circle,  see?  And it doesn’t involve blogging anymore.  At least not right now.

Know this – it still puts a huge smile on our face to read all the incredible comments and links to our blog.  The huge outpouring of support, love and friendship that you all have had for Jay and I has been amazing and we are forever indebted to you.

Love, peace and light from Jay and I 🙂


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