Supplier Rating: Madge Lejano

Madge rocks. There’s no ifs or buts about it. She’s worth every centavo so if you’re not sure about booking her because she’s a bit more expensive than other artists out there, just look at it this way: You’re spending thousands to have your venue spruced up, for your dress and your music, for all the other details that many people may or may not even notice.  You shouldn’t skimp on your face because if you look bad, girl, people are going to know!  And yes, you gotta get your hair did, too.


I love how she trimmed and shaped my brows, and she was also the first one to show up on our wedding day so you don’t have to worry about her being late.


Steve (hair stylist) rocked as well – both of them are just the coolest and nicest professionals, and they’re really hilarious to be around.  I felt like me but a bit more heightened and dressed-up… but if you saw me walking down the street, you’d still know that it was me.


  My Maids of Honor looked fly, too:


Madge and Steve are awesome.  5 gold stars, for sure.


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