Supplier Rating: Angel, Tropical Blooms

5 Stars for Angel.

Angel had to deal with a lot… my mom wanted high table settings, I wanted the low ones. He told me that it might be hard to get pink peonies and that I may have to settle for white, and I basically said IwantpinkpeoniesandI’mgonnagetpinkpeonies!  In so many (nice) words :).
I think Angel had a Tagaytay wedding that he had to go to on the same day as mine, but believe it or not, he prepared for both. He requested to have access to the Rigodon Ballroom at exactly 12:01 AM on November 24, and started setting up bright and early so that come reception time, things were lookin’ money.

The ento flowers looked fresh. My peonies looked good enough to eat. They were plump and the most perfect blush hue – I just stared at them for like 10 mintues straight before I put them down to have something to eat (for lunch).


 I kept them days after and I ended up giving them to my Tita who works at the Peninsula Hotel to thank her for all of her help.  Unfortunately, the flowers were left at her office when they had to flee because of the coup attempt.  Argh!

As for the styling, Angel captured the little drawings and cut-outs I had in my wedding scrapbook to a T.


Entourage on the dance floor after their dancing entrance… waiting for Jay and I to enter (notice the lanterns and the slim drapings.. didn’t want it to be too heavy with the drapes, and actually, we only covered 2 of the chandeliers as we wanted to have them out cos sayang if you cover them, they’re really gorgeous).


Notice that you can see our faces and expressions!  That’s cos we had low table settings and you didn’t have to strain your necks to catch a glimpse.  

My advice to other brides out there is to book Angel because he’s so talented, easy to work with, and he executes on the day of. The only con for me was that he hardly ever checked his e-mail, and if he did, he wouldn’t reply over e-mail (but text or call me directly), but again, as the bride, you have to get used to people not communicating with you in your preferred medium. Some people like e-mail, some don’t – so we compromise and everyone’s happy.  Tropical Blooms’ website leaves much to be desired, but show him your pegs and he’ll execute it – just remember to manage your expectations.  You can’t achieve the settings of your dreams with a teeny budget – but add a bit more and use local flowers and you then make room for Angel and his team to work their magic.



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7 responses to “Supplier Rating: Angel, Tropical Blooms

  1. jaezelle

    Hi cathy! my cj and i love your site…your reception was stunning…are the drapes and lights also from tropical blooms? thanks..=)

  2. Hi Jaezelle and CJ!

    Thanks so much for the props! I will relay them to Angel 🙂 Yes, the drapes and the lanterns are care of Tropical Blooms.

    Cathy 🙂

  3. MF

    Hi Jay and Cathy!

    Noticed that in the 3rd pic, there are guests seated behind you. Did you forego the usual couple’s table with backdrop?

    I am also considering getting police escorts since our church is a bit far from our venue. how much do they charge per hagad nowadays?


  4. Hi Jamie!

    I went on your wedsite just now – awesome! Congrats to you guys :).

    We did forego the couple’s table with the backdrop because we wanted to sit with our friends and feel… surrounded by everyone (but still visible) so we sat ourselves with the best men/their partners and the maids of honor/their partners, and our special table was right smack in the middle of everything.

    I’m still waiting for the final hagad price from our coordinator (asked for rates for 4 hagads, but we had 8 so lemme know if you guys are rollin’ deep), as soon as I get it, I’ll let you know. You said that your wedding’s on a Friday? Just to be sure, I’d get hagads cos Friday traffic is worse than Saturday traffic, right? Will get back to you asap. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!


  5. Hi Jamie,

    Chinkie said that 4 hagads in December will probably run you 2-2.5k (per hagad), depending on how far your church and reception venue will be from each other.

    Hope that helps!


  6. Thanks, Cathy!

    Wishing you and Jay, more blogging power and lots of love and babies!

  7. Kim


    Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs. I really enjoyed reading about your wedding.

    Best wishes for the future,


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