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Hi, everyone!

I feel like, after having gone through our wedding preps last year, I’ve realized just how we soon to be wedded couples here in Manila are actually quite a very discerning bunch – perhaps one of the most discerning. I was hesitant to post this for fear of a self-promotion backlash, but then I was like, wait, our blog is called JayandCathy: The Wedding – and it’s the epitome of self-promotion (ahahahaha!!!). So I figure, why not just have you guys take a peek into one of my lastest work projects?

We want all of the discerning couples out there to be part of SPOT, a new community-driven website put out by the same people who have brought us the websites we all love to visit on a daily basis: Shop Crazy, PEP (showbiz gossip – you know you love that stuff!), Real Living Space blog, and the Female Network, to name a few.

Beyond the review-writing contest that we’re having until April 15 (and we use the word “reviews” and “writing” quite loosely, meaning if you have something to say and you want to say it in a sentence, then by all means, write it in just 1 sentence), I really want you all to test it out, play around the site, upload pictures and post reviews if you like. Although the site is live and it’s a public beta, we’re still a long way away from where we want it to be come our full launch. I’m sure by now, you’ve all gone to a lot of meetings with your suppliers at Starbucks, Coffee Bean or your preferred restaurant or bar. If you happen to have had good service (or not so good service…) then feel free to drop us a few lines at SPOT.  Let us know what you’re thinking.

You just look for the establishment in the search field, click on it when you find it (or ADD it if you don’t), and then you can post a review right then and there.

Of course, you have to register to post a review, but after that, do what you like, girlfriend (or boyfriend).


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