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And we’re back…

Hello, everyone.  🙂

So we’re back on WordPress… and we’re not sure we should have left, either!  Nodblog (for those who don’t know, we moved to awhile back) was kind of weird and we thought we liked it at first because it enabled us to put in AdSense but now, we don’t really care about that and just want to share with you guys our journey to our Big Day… and beyond (yes, there are plans of blogging about life after the wedding, which is really when the fun really starts, don’t you think?).

Anyways, I’ll post stuff on here for now and will let the word-of-mouth do its thang in the wedding network/subculture that we’ve set up (blog) camp here on WordPress.

We have a lot of updates and it wouldn’t be fair to just ramble on and on about all of them in one posting, so we’ll have to pick just one thing for today.  And that would be Terry Uy’s (our main wedding photog’s) revamped website!

He uses flash so it takes quite a bit of time to load but it’s really worth flipping through all of his pictures.  We saw him at a friend’s despedida de soltera on Sunday night and he informed us that we made it into his new site!  Under the “brides and grooms” category, photo 19.

We really love Terry’s style.  He managed to capture so many of the moments that we still look back on with such fond memories, but also the ones that escaped us entirely because we couldn’t be everywhere at one time.  There was nothing contrived about him, he wasn’t a diva, and there wasn’t a moment when he didn’t have a big ‘ole smile on his face.  And believe you me, smiling for an entire day gets tiring!

Anyways, I’ll link to this post in my subsequent posting about our wedding album.  Jay and I were saying that our wedding album is the best one that we’ve seen floating around so that’s pretty high praise for Terry – cos we’ve seen a lot of albums.

On other fronts… it feels really good to be back.  And by ‘back’ I mean back to life, back to reality (to all you Mary J. fans, you know what I mean!).  When you are preparing for a wedding of enormous (I exagg… it was big but not like 1000 guests big) proportion and scale (emotional, financial, spiritual), it affects every part of your life.  At work, I was feeling torn because there was always a detail, an e-mail query, a call from my panicked mom, to field, so I was kind of distracted.  Now, I can be more present when I’m with my friends, family and at work… it’s fantastic!  I wouldn’t give up any of the lessons learned in the preparations, but we (I think I can speak for Jay) are so happy to finally start our lives together, with our proper jobs, our friends and family behind us, and a new place of our own in which to make memories… and when the time is right, start a family.

We’ll be back, but for now we leave you with the photo that made it into Terry’s site:


Expect us to do the following this year:

1) answer your e-mails more promptly

2) post more substantial stuff, with lots of pictures

3) and to be more discerning in giving out our opinions when it comes to things wedding and post-wedding related

Thanks for all of your support and lots of love and light to all of you this 2008!

(And yes, you can also look forward to our thorough suppliers rating!)






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