The Barong Tagalog

Countdown: 4 months left

I’ll spare you the history of the ‘national attire’, which you could read about here. But as pimp as I would look in a suit, there was no doubt I was going to put on a Barong for my wedding.
I’m Filipino. Cathy’s Filipino. Our wedding is Filipino. The Barong Tagalog is Filipino.
When Cathy walks down that aisle and I’m trying my hardest to hold back the waterworks (by the way, Cathy thinks my emotional pulse is not unlike that of a robot and is confident I won’t shed a tear), I want to make sure I’m at least breaking down in style. What I love about the Barong Tagalog is that it looks vintage and old school, but brings so much class and style. That ‘untucked’ look with a buttoned up collar and long sleeves exudes confidence but stays comfortable at the same time. Coupled with a crisp pair of pants and spanking new shoes, I will definitely hold my own at the Big Day.
Now, all I have to do is find one to wear.
I actually found material this past weekend which I thought would look great, but upon further research on the Barong Tagalog, I found some nifty designs online that I may like to look at. I won’t put up any sample images, because I want to surprise Cathy, but I’m excited to find that right one and get it tailored to my specifications.
It’s also going to be great to see all my best men and groomsmen decked out in a Barong Tagalog! Especially on my good buddy Kai Paul. A strapping young American man (but Indonesian at heart), well over 6 feet tall, and fiery red hair that would put Conan O’Brien to shame. Him, in a Barong Tagalog. Priceless.



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5 responses to “The Barong Tagalog

  1. Chris

    May I ask where you got your Barong made?

  2. Jay

    Hey Chris,

    I got my Barong tailored by a local designer named Cocoy Lizaso. I’m not sure where my Mom found him, but she swears by him. I found his contact through Google search:
    No. 3 Sandico St. Poblacion
    Sta Maria
    Tel. (044) 641-4670, (63917) 810-0059

  3. And to add, Chris – although the barong was made by Cocoy, we got the barong material from Heny, who lives in Lucban, Laguna (her family has a store there). Heny was also the one who designed and embroidered the barong so that it could be tailored in the style that Jay wore it (pls. scroll down this entry:
    you’ll see a front view of the barong) 🙂

  4. grace

    Hi Jay & Cathy,

    May I ask for Heny’s contact number also? I’m still looking for a designer who can do my fiance’s barong. Thanks in advance!

  5. Grace

    Hi Cathy, can you also share Heny’s contact number? I’m still in search for my fiance’s barong maker. Thanks in advance!

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