Puerto Galera + Cathy’s Family

As blogged by super-blogger extraordinaire posing as my fiance Cathy below, we had quite an eventful weekend. The highlight being our trip to Puerto Galera. It also was my first out-of-town trip with Cathy’s immediate and extended family. One would assume the awkwardness and uncomfortable silence between idle conversations that’s naturally common in get-togethers involving future in-laws. Not with Cathy’s family/relatives. They are a very tight-knit group and although seeing all of them together as a pack can be quite intimidating, they welcomed me with open arms.

It was a great trip, not only because we would spend it with family, but also because Cathy and I needed a break from the city. It has been awhile since we trekked out of town, and the past few weeks had started to take a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. We wanted to get the hell outta Dodge. Except, instead of Dodge, it’s Manila. And not Kansas, but the Philippines. You know what I mean.

But I came to a small realization post-getaway trip. The plan for the trip came last minute, merely a few days before we left. Prior to that our other proposed trip for our much needed ‘getaway’, had been cancelled. Although disappointed it didn’t push through, we stayed positive and knew we would catch a break soon. Lo and behold, Cathy’s parents told us about the Puerto trip and asked if we wanted to go. We wanted to go.

I have to say, that ‘silver lining’ is very underrated.

So after lots of eating, sand, sun, snorkeling, eating, taking photos, island hopping, eating, conversations, story telling, laughing, sweating, while eating, banana boating, waiting in line for parasailing, bangka-riding, and finally lot’s of eating. Cathy and I got our much needed R&R.

It was indeed an eventful weekend. Thank the Lord and his silver lining.



More photos here


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