Our weekend

What a weekend!

On Saturday we went to hear the UA&P Choir sing at a wedding at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati.  At this performance, there were 16 of them (Jay knew one of the tenors, funny enough).  We sat upstairs where the choir was at and looked down at the ceremony from the balcony.


We liked the way UA&P sang ‘Bukas Palad’ although we expected them to be louder… so if we go with them, we’ll have to ask for more singers (20 perhaps) cos St. James is a big church and out of the 5 songs we heard in their repertoire, only 3 impressed us and ‘moved’ us; we felt like the first 2 were sorta faint.  But they were good, I mean in terms of voice quality, everything was fine.  We really enjoyed their male soloists.  We’re still going to hear Ateneo and MADZ, although UA&P is still in the running.

After that, we decided we’d fill our cupcake craving and head to Cupcakes by Sonja at Serendra.  On the way, we saw this:

A big ole chowchow on Ayala and then Edsa!  Enjoying his Saturday with his friends in a red car, with not a care in the world.  You go, dog.

Jay and I didn’t realize how much we’d been missing Sonja’s cupcakes until Saturday!  We had ourselves some Vanilla Sunshine, PB&J and Red Velvet Devil’s Foodcake(?) and we were so full and satisfied afterwards.  A lot of people dog Sonja’s probably because they are jelly of all the sales!  That place is always busy.  They complain about the high prices and make sira but then no one has really topped her cupcakes and they sell like.. well, hotcakes 😉   You get what you pay for with Sonja’s and I guess people don’t realize the cost of her overhead. She’s upped the ante with the frosting (thank you! it was too sparse before for our taste) and her cake has gotten better since the opening. 

The following day, Jay and I headed over to a private little place in Puerto with my family and relatives from Mindoro. We snorkeled, went around the different islands, and ate a helluva lot. 

We had an incredible, much-needed weekend with family and with each other.  I took my dlsr around and Jay snapped away in film this time around. 


Sometimes it’s good to see new scenery and landscapes to awaken your sensibilities… to eat different kinds of food, taste different textures, see color saturations and pairings that you don’t always see in the city… just to give you a gentle reminder that there’s so much more out there – not only in our country, but in life – to see and take in.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day weekend, too!

 Saya cintamu, ngusoh.


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