A Michi Calica bride

My friend and old dance-mate, Maiga, had a rustic wedding ceremony in Vermont last month.  Her and her then-fiancee and now-husband kicked-off the year with a reception here in Manila, but they finally had a chance to exchange vows and make it official in May. 

Maiga and I always have these funny life intersections and coincidentally, she picked Michi Calica as her designer, too.  Great minds think alike, Maigs! 😉

She was kind enough to let me post a few pics from her wedding.  She was an out-of-town bride and she told me that, generally speaking, Michi was great to work with.  It makes sense as Michi also told me that she’s used to working with out of town brides – which bodes well for Jay and I and a handful of our out of town entourage members who can only e-mail their measurements and will probably have time for one fitting (if that) when they arrive.

 A few images from her wedding:

Lovely spring colors!

This is such an awesome candid shot… Maigs said that she had a bongga train to go along with the dress 🙂 but because of the rain, she couldn’t wear it because it would’ve just gotten soaked.  Oh well – she still looked gorgeous. 

Glowing with happiness 🙂

First dance!



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