Jay and I are deciding between the Ateneo de Manila Glee Club and the UA&P Chorale.  Both of them sound pretty good (we’ve listened to their samples online, googled them and read bits and pieces about them, watched videos on their websites, looked through their photo albums…) and they seem pretty much at par with each other.  The clincher will be when we hear UA&P at a church wedding ceremony (that we’re going to ever so quietly crash… you won’t even know that we’re there) this Saturday, and when we hear Ateneo at a rehearsal in 2 weeks. 

UA&P charges P5,000 less than Ateneo (who charges P20,000 for a 16-member choir + P1,000 for the pianist).

We heard that Ateneo can sing the song that we want to hear (seee-cret) after Fr. Francis pronounces us as Mr. and Mrs. Lara (whoa… that’s the first time I’ve ever written that with us in mind and not Jay’s parents… ha!).  But we’ll really have to hear the rest of their repertoire.  And UA&P’s obviously.  Btw, UA&P is Jay’s alma mater.  We have no ties to ADMU 🙂 My dad was UP Prep and then UP Diliman and my mom was a scholar at Philippine Women’s University. 




(picture taken from http://www.ateneogleeclub.org)

…or UA&P?


(picture taken from http://uapchoraleblog.multiply.com)

 SO HARD!  We’ll have to come back to this post in 2 weeks to let you guys know which one we decided to go with.  If you have any stories to share (esp wedding-related ones) about either one of these groups, please share!


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  1. got this e-mail from Dins, a fellow e-group bride, re the choirs that i thought i’d share:
    both choirs are good, sis. they’ve been doing tours around the world and joining choral competitions so when it comes to their voices, wala ka nang hahanapin.
    for the transporation, you can either hire a van or allot a transpo allowance for them to arrange.
    for food, kung sa church lang naman sila kakanta, pwede na hindi na sila kasama sa headcount mo. pero kung kasama reception, you can prepare crew meals for them para di masyadong malaki.
    for what they will wear on your wedding, you can advise them to wear something semi-formal, or have them color coordinated, like white tops tapos have them wear slacks. that’s ok naman e. they wouldn’t be offended.
    basta makipagcoordinate ka lang sa head nila, i dont think there’s any need to put it in writing.
    [very good to know, thank you dins!!! particularly about the transpo allowance cos it may cost a lot to hire a van]

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