Eric Pineda, Maid of Honor & Pa-alam #2


After finishing class yesterday I hightailed over to Eric Pineda’s home/storefront in QC to get my (sec. sponsor) gown measurements for cousin Dette’s wedding. That’s not a typo – we really call each other ‘cousin,’ or ‘cousin Dette’ or ‘cousin Ens’ in my dad’s side of the family. Anyways, when I arrived Dette and her mom (my Tita Fe) were already there, chatting away with Eric, who is a renowned ‘designer to the stars’ and, I found out yesterday, a co-faculty at DLSU (he teaches Production Design at Benilde)!

He was easy to get along with and he went buckwild (‘ooooooo, let’s play!’) with his gown sketch for me – an asymmetrical shoulder design that’s tea-length, flirty but still classy. Eric also talked extensively about the maid of honor’s role as he was explaining how he was designing Mirelle’s (Dette’s sister) gown. He explained that she couldn’t have anything too low-cut because she would probably be doing a lot of bending over (to fix Dette’s train, or pick-up a fallen hanky, that kind of thing) and that the gown can’t be too long because she would be doing a lot of walking, maybe even running, on Dette’s special day.

“After the bride has reached the altar, I switch from being the fussy designer to a guest who will enjoy the rest of the ceremony and eat lots of food at the reception. People in the entourage were picked for a reason and the maid of honor and the bridesmaids shouldn’t be ornamental – they should perform their roles on the wedding day,” Eric said.

“What does this mean? Well, for the maid of honor, she’s literally the maid – meaning the bride displaces all of her worries onto her; and of course she has to be honorable, meaning that she has been a dependable friend or sister to the bride, the one who lessens and in fact takes on the bride’s load.” Then he went on to explain that traditionally, the bridesmaids would wear veils to serve as foils to would-be carriage robbers, and that they would literally put their life on the line for the bride.

Thinking about what he said made me all the more sure of my decision to pick Wendy and Dre as my maids of honor. I kinda wish that role was called ‘mates of honor’ instead (‘maid’ is so archaic) – because they are my true ‘mates’ in the English/Ozzie sense, and are two people with a lot of honor.

He also stressed that there’s nothing worse than having a coordinator, or a designer, or any supplier for that matter that is anything but invisible throughout the wedding day. “They are such eyesores! Feeling important, like they want to show that what you’re paying them is being put to use. Please!” said the man whose poodle, Dolphino (given to Eric by Dolphy himself) slept on the floor the entire afternoon.

I’m excited for my cousin! Her wedding is happening 4 weeks before ours, but I don’t plan on taking too many notes – I just want to enjoy watching her walk down the aisle and have fun with our family at her Tagaytay garden reception 🙂 . Although I’m sure she and I can debrief several weeks later regarding any lessons learned…


Where’s #1, you ask?

Well, Jay’s Tito Doc lives in the States and won’t be back until our wedding week so he had to do that one over the phone. #2 was done yesterday at Tito Bay’s house. It was pretty lowkey as Jay’s parents and their Jakarta group of friends already had dinner plans for that night; we just tagged along because Tito Bay (who works and lives in Jakarta) is leaving to go back to Indo today. We asked him to be our Ninong and told him our date as soon as we sat down in their living room and they shook hands and we kissed and that was that. We brought along a bottle of wine as a token of our appreciation (you can bring flowers or fruit or cake or whatever, really) and enjoyed the rest of the night – we ate and ate and ate as Jay and I were starving come 8:30pm.

So 2 down, 13 more to go! Thankfully, we have 3 married Ninong/Ninang pairs; otherwise we’d be making 20 visits :). But we’re more than willing as we know that it will take an entire village to raise Jay and I’s family and that we have a strong support network to see us through the good and the not-so-good.

[re pic below] Notice the Balinese mirror in the background? You know it’s a Jakarta family-friend when those things are around. 🙂 Picture taken with my new gadget; only has a 2 megapixel camera, but the rest of the functions are AMAZING. Wifi’s built-in, has the user-friendliness of a Nokia phone, sleek look… well, you can read the CNET review here :).




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2 responses to “Eric Pineda, Maid of Honor & Pa-alam #2

  1. Andrea

    …and how honored and happy I am to be your Maid of Honor! Know that what they say is true…all your worries for the day and even night before should be placed on us! Even that…God forbid…zit…we should be the ones to make it go away!!
    No worries Cath, our lives for that week are being given to you 🙂 and I’m sure I can also speak for Wendy…we would not have it any other way.
    ( Tear!) I must be so senti right now coz’ I just saw my parents off at the airport!

  2. Dre! I hope you and Wendy don’t have to save me from a blind man driving a jeepney while you’re back home! I am sure there will be plenty of funny and fun times seeing as it’s a motley crew of guys and gals from different parts of our lives (OMG! SO FUN!) all in one place… yaaaay! It’s ok, I get really senti too thinking about everything and everyone… I hope you had a good time with your rents. Hugs to Eddie!

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