Rolling With The Punches

Taking the good with the bad. You win some, you lose some. However you want to say it, we got a heavy dose of it this past weekend.

After our successful and unforgettable trip to Camarines Sur last month (here and here), we were stoked to be invited back to the Bicol province. This time around, our plan was to visit another island that eluded us previously, Caramoan Island. Arrive on a Friday morning, head back home on a Monday morning. Tickets booked, 4 am alarm, 45 minute flight, touchdown in Naga City. Once we got off the runway and into our chauffeured van, we were fooling around like giddy little children, excited for the adventure ahead.

Unfortunately, it was downhill from there.

For whatever reason, our plans were not arranged (which I assume was because of the media blitz for the Kaogma Festival, that might have been slightly overwhelming for the tourism department) and the powers that be couldn’t pull it out for us. No Caramoan Island. I was pissed. Cathy was pissed. We were now stressed-out, pissed off little children. When things turn from bad to worse you tend to nitpick and the inconvenient get magnified times 10. So, realizing that things just weren’t lining up for us and we were wasting time there, we decided to cut our trip short and head back Sunday morning. We felt defeated and it was only a few hours into our trip.

But we refused to let it bring us down! We refuse to take it up the tailpipe! We stuck it to the Man! That’s right, stuck it to to the Man! So we went to the nearest Shakey’s for some Mojo’s n’ Dip and a cold mug of San Miguel Draft. Take that Man!

Joking aside, I realized over this weekend, that it’s really comforting to know that no matter how bad things may get, I can always look beside me and know that Cathy is there to help make it better. So despite the series of unfortunate events, we were able to turn things around and still have a good time there. The beer and chips at Shakey’s, a great dinner at Peaberry’s, listening to Eartha Kitt, free wifi, watching 30 Rock, and indulging ourselves in a little Youtube action (the last four were all done over dinner by the way). Watched the Travel and Living channel till we fell asleep, and we were up the next morning for the trip back home. It still ended up being a memorable experience.

Stick by your loved ones and roll with the punches. I like that.

Cathy Self Portrait at Peaberry’s Self-portrait at Peaberry’s.

Sticking It To The Man Sticking it to the man.

Peaberry’s The classy Peaberry’s


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