We both know and agree that even though the Big Day will be…well, a big day, what comes after that is more important. Literally. After the reception where do we go? Where do we go ‘home’?

So Cathy and I have been looking around for a place we would like to call home. Staying with the parental units has always been an option open to us, but not an option we would like to take. Sure, we would save a lot of money. But nothing’s more important to a married couple (before the first-born that is) than having a place of their own that they can truly call their ‘home’. I think it’s such a psychological and emotional advantage to have a home to take care of as a married couple. It places responsibility and stability in the relationship. Plus it just great to come home to each other after a long day’s work.

We’ve looked around the Makati area, and found some great one to two bedrooms around Salcedo Village. We saw a total of about 10 units in two days. After all the ‘square meters’, ‘inches’, ‘feet’, ‘meters’, ‘association dues’, ‘down payment’, ‘amortization fees’, ‘selling price’, ‘capital gains’, ‘taxes’, ‘one bedroom’, ‘two bedroom’, ‘parking space’,’pool’, ‘gym’, ‘function room’, ’10a’, ’17b’, ‘1204’, and a bunch of other numbers, we found a place that we liked. Although we haven’t committed to it, at least we know what we’re looking for.

The whole process is such a great and rewarding experience. Once we stepped in a unit, all the ‘figures’ and ‘terms’ flew out the window, we were walking around talking about “oh, here’s where we can hang the photos!”, “here’s where we can put the book shelf!”, “i could cook breakfast here!”, “do you want to put the bed this way?”. It was great. Visualizing your home together.

Here’s some tips when you go home hunting (other than the obvious: know your budget, get a broker, location, location, location):

1. Bring measuring tape. Prior to that, measure any existing furniture you have that you’re thinking of bringing over to the new place.

2. Take notes of every unit, so you can sit back and look over everything at the end of the day. Note down measurements and pros and cons.

3. Keep an open mind. There won’t be a perfect unit. There will always be something about the place you don’t like. But if you feel good once you step into the place, then take note of that too. Intuition is powerful when home hunting. It will be your home so it should make you feel good.

We’re still in the process ourselves, so if any you have any tips or suggestions please let us know! Thanks!



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2 responses to “Home

  1. maybe you could take photos of the stuff that you like/hate most about each unit?

    i wish we could get our own place too but we can’t do it financially yet. i’ve experienced renting on my own before and my hubby and i both agree that we don’t want to rent cos it feels like money going down the drain. when we’ve saved enough for a deposit we’ll start looking for a place too πŸ™‚

    anyway, good luck with your preps and house hunting! πŸ™‚

  2. nancy

    ITA with going with your intuition. when my hubby (then SO) and I were house hunting my mom told me that The One should have a certain vibe. that you’ll feel that it’s your house the minute you walk into it. weird but I actually had that feeling when we checked out our house. the great room was very airy (cathedral ceilings) then when i walked to the back door and looked out, a pond right in our backyard…perfect. So, I guess be patient and keep on looking. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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