Save the Date


Some people were a bit bothered at the simplicity of our Save the Date.  But oh well 🙂 we just put the necessary stuff on it, mostly so people can just block-off their calendar (esp those abroad).  It’s a wedding.  It’s on a Saturday.  It’s on November 24, 2007.  You’ll get the invite 🙂 Simple lang.



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6 responses to “Save the Date

  1. honey-fellow w@wie

    nice invites! happy preps sis!

  2. hi there, fellow w@wie!

    they’re actually our save the dates and not our invites 🙂 we have something a bit more comprehensive for that, like a pocket fold thingy so things are organized. this is something we gave out to out of town guests, close friends and family.

    happy preps to you too, dear!



  3. Curious

    Which company made this “save the date” thingie? It looks great!

  4. hi cathy,

    fellow w@wie here 🙂 i gasped when i saw your save the date card (i really did haha!) it is soooo pretty! i love how clean and simple it is, which is what a save the date should be (my own opinion anyway). if i dan and i were to make one, we’d probably end up with something like yours but only in blue and brown! happy preps and good luck to both you and jay 😉

  5. hi all!

    our save the date printers was printsonalities ( thanks for your comments!

    neva – you gasped?!? wow!!! 🙂 we’re looking into wedding path for a static wedding site 🙂


    cathy & jay

  6. haha yeah cathy i really did! haha! your design is refreshing! it stands out from all the save the dates i’ve seen so far 🙂 i looove simple designs that’s why i also chose weddingpath for our wedsite. it’s froufrou-less hehe 🙂 but they have a design there with a sex pistols theme :p anyway see you around w@w! have fun with your preps 🙂

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