Discovery Weekend

“Today is the first day of the rest of your lives.”

That was on a piece of red, felt paper that was tacked onto the wall to our left as we listened, absorbed, reflected, discussed, dialogued, and shared our stories this past weekend.  We were in Angels Hills, Tagaytay, for the most important 3 days we have ever shared in our 1yr/7mos together at CEFAM’s DISCOVERY WEEKEND.  For us, it’s still too early to discuss the details of DW, but know that it gave us a sense of affirmation and discovery that we had never felt before. 

If you’re engaged, or planning on getting engaged, or if you’re serious about someone but still have a few (or a lot) of issues to discuss, DISCOVERY WEEKEND is the place to do it.  Take the time to get away from Manila, from your cellphone and e-mail, from your mundane obligations, to focus on your partner and only on your partner and your union for 3 days straight – it’s a gift that each of you will appreciate in ways that will likely multiply itself month after month, year after year, after you exchange your marriage vows. 

For more information on DW, you can contact 426-1271/(0917) 665-6181; e-mail them at; and/or visit their website at


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