Madge Lejano Trial HAMU

I had my trial HAMU (it’s not a sangwich, silly.  It’s hair and make-up) with Madge Lejano and her hairstylist, A (for Aaron) yesterday.  It went well!

Generally, I tend to look like this:


Big eyes.  Bangs.  Eyebags (yuck).  And a sharp jaw that is really hard to hide in pictures.  A few marks here and there from picking at zits which I am slowly but surely trying to correct with microdermabrasion (sand paper for the face, really), both with a machine and with Origins’ microdermabrasion scrub.

Because I got a bit caught up in talking to Madge and A at the THAMU, I totally forgot to take my ‘before’ shot.  And no, it’s not cos I looked bad; I looked ok (and had a little make-up on because I went to 2 work meetings right before).  It’s cos we started chatting pretty much as soon as I came through her studio doors (which is right across from John Mateos Ong’s studio and right in front of Michi’s bridal salon). 

The process went something like this:

1) Chinkie (our planner) scheduled my appointment with Madge and A;

2) I came in at exactly 1:30PM and Madge was still working on someone’s make-up (she was a bridesmaid for a wedding) so Madge had me look through her slideshow of BEFOREs and AFTERs.  WOW.  That’s all I can say.  Some brides had rosacea/severe acne, some had lots of discoloration, some had eyes that seem quite small, especially when they smiled.  They all looked pretty darn good in the AFTER shots.  She has a few before and after shots in her multiply album.

3) When A started working on the other lady’s hair, Madge started working on my make-up.  I said that I just wanted to look fresh and awake.  Like Lea Salonga did on her wedding day.  And Madge got very excited because she said her idol (Juan Sarte?) did Lea’s make-up and that she totally ‘got it.’

So, while she and I chatted about pretty much everything, from make-up remover (apparently you shouldn’t stress the skin out right before applying make-up, so what she did was just wipe a clean tissue over my face to pat it clean instead of putting a liquid on it); we talked about my jaw (it sounds so proper, with me, to call it ‘panga’ like with tuna panga, cos that’s how big it is); to her recommendation for me not to wear eyelash extensions.  I even told her that I tend to get anxiety-related sickness (nausea, vomitting, the flu, etc.).

Finally, the bangs stayed a bit down here (click on thumbnails to enlarge):



Now, A couldn’t achieve what I wanted with my updo quite yet because my hair needs to be about 3-4 inches longer for him to coil it into a healthy and shall we say ‘robust’ looking low bun (going for the classy and clean look); so he just did a simple coil for now.

up-hair-1.jpg      up-hair-3.jpg 

So I ended up looking a bit like this (click on thumbs above and below), which is what I wanted.  Enhanced, but still fresh and recognizable under the gook.  It’s still me. 🙂


Ugh, my eyebags are kinda gross and clearly my left eye is smaller than my right.  And my jaw… OMG MY JAW!!!  Jay teases that you can sharpen knives with it (wailing, tears, sobbing).  I need to learn how to smile without… er, accentuating it further.  And I hold a lot of tension in my neck/collarbone area! AAAAAAAAAA! 

Madge told me to do the following between now and November:

1) get a bit more of a tan, which I will happily do!  I’m usually a shade or two darker anyway… I clearly haven’t been sunbathing as much as I’d like…

2) grow-out my eyebrows so that they are bushy and so she can tell how they naturally arch, instead of the too far apart and weird state they are in now 😦

3) stay healthy!

So that was that.   I paid for the THAMU (P2,000) and also the downpayment for the day-of package (includes bride + groom [MINIMAL] + 2 heads; P2,000 per extra head) so that I could book her already because I know that she gets booked pretty quickly (not to mention that our wedding day is w/in peak season).

Hair and make-up, check.

 [note: all trial HAMU pics taken by Madge]



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2 responses to “Madge Lejano Trial HAMU

  1. sorry guys, just had to write that i got a text about my incorrect spelling of sandwich. i wrote ‘sangwich’ cos i was referring to dane cook’s sketch on the sangwich, he always says sangwich, which jay and i find hilarious.

    to hear/see more of dane cook, head on over to

    apparently he’s one of TIME’s 100 influential people of the year… what?!?,28804,1611030_1610841_1609788,00.html

  2. anon

    I dont know what you are talking about.
    You are really beautiful

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