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If you’re Filipino and you’ve been researching suppliers for your wedding, I’m sure that you’ve come across WeddingsAtWork at some point in your preparation process. It’s a great website and clearinghouse and I’m happy that we have something like that here in the Philippines. One of my complaints in moving back home is that there’s not enough transparency in sytems, processes, the way things work (or don’t work). So it’s nice to have something like W@W for us soon-to-be weds.

W@W has different online communities. One for Chinese-Filipinos, one for newlyweds, one for soon-to-be weds (no suppliers allowed), for suppliers only. There’s even a W@W-Singapore, Dubai, Australia.. and a separate News and Events discussion group as well! It’s extensive. If you want to sign-up to be a part of any one of the aforementioned e-groups/discussion boards, then come on over here to take your pick to see in which group you and your hubby-to-be belong.

Naturally, I plugged-in the names of my suppliers to see what the group is saying/has said about each of them (which makes me wonder… hmmm… maybe I should have done this before booking the supplier!).  What is good about the e-group is that you can address each person’s comment – good or bad – and have them back it up with their own reasons, experiences, etc.  Then it’s just up to you how you move forward and make the decision with your fiancee. 

I’ve plugged in my own queries… waiting for replies… 🙂


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  1. ida

    W@W is great! When I started planning my own wedding I had no idea that W@W even existed. But after reading a friend’s wedding blog, I did some research on her suppliers and discovered W@W.

    I have booked An Event to Remember for coordination and Veluz Reyes for my gown. 🙂 I still have a few more suppliers to book and I’m definitely searching the egroup message archives for ratings.

    Great blog by the way 🙂

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