Viaje del Sol

Happy Buddha at Kusina Salud 

A lot of people have been asking us about Viaje del Sol – what it is, where to find the map, if you have to do the whole thing in a day, who to call, etc.  So if you’re curious and seeking ideas for a roadtrip then read this to get more info on the different places that we’ve actually checked out and highly recommend from Viaje del Sol.  Each is different from the other so keep an open mind and don’t expect the Four Seasons hotel.  These places are the real deal – genuine inns and bed&breakfasts, with straight-up Pinoy cooking that will definitely keep you coming back for more; nothing pretentious, just good ole hospitality that you can enjoy at your own pace.

Enjoy watching this video and this other one to get a sense of the people and places that make up Viaje del Sol.  You can also download the map here and read about the different locales (there are 18) here. 🙂

Oh, for pretty pictures you can VIEW THE PICTURE GALLERY HEREENJOY your journey! 🙂


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