Save the Dates are ready!

I picked up our Save the Date cards from Printsonalities yesterday. I came with a library bookbag to stuff them in but Printsonalities was nice enough to put them all in a brown shopping bag so that if you come empty handed, it won’t be such a hassle to find something to carry them in.

Our Save the Dates came with the ff:

1) plastic slip (so you can put the Save the Date inside and it doesn’t get dirty or wet – something you have to take into consideration if you live in the Phils as it can rain whenever);
2) envelope (because some Save the Dates have to be airmailed);
3) and like I said above, in a nifty brown shopping bag.

I have 3 different colors for our wedding: Coral Red, a Taupe/Tan, and Blush, with the main color being the coral red. My main concern with the Save the Date was getting the coral red hue just right cos it basically tells our guests what the color scheme will be for the wedding, and many people think of ‘coral’ as the pink coral, not the red coral (I swear when I go scuba diving, the coral I see is red, not pink…) so I was very happy that it worked out 🙂

Here are the main (practical) reasons why we got Save the Dates (because it’s not a very popular thing to do here in the Phils, although Printed Matter at The Oasis next to Michi Calica’s salon has a whole bunch of samples, from magnets to coasters to calendars to cards):

1) DETAILS. Save the Dates give out-of-town guests a visual reminder (in our case a 6″ x 4.5″ card) of our wedding and the important related details, like WHEN (the date), WHERE (the city/country), and of course the WHO (some people only know one half of the couple);

2) COLORS. Guests want to plan ahead and get the swatch for the color scheme (to buy or to consult a designer about their dresses/gowns), so your Save the Date usually contains the color scheme and the motif for your wedding. Ours has a blend of bubbles/circles on one side and then simple text on the other, which mixes the playful/whimsical undertone with romance, which will be a running theme (whimsy & romance) in the wedding. Also, since I’m color inept, I can just whip a card out each time a guest asks me ‘what’s your motif?’ or ‘what’s your color scheme?’ 🙂

3) HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Our wedding falls on Thanksgiving Weekend in the states, which is the biggest travel holiday weekend there. As such, we want to give our guests plenty of time to block off that weekend, make travel arrangements, give notice at work, etc. More than half of our entourage and sponsors are coming from abroad so we’re hoping that the cards will be a classy reminder for them.

Are they absolutely necessary? No. You can definitely cut costs by doing an electronic version, or posting the date on your wedding website, or you can go the good ole fashioned route of telling people. But for someone who is into stationery, paper, and tactile things, and for the above 3 practical reasons, Save the Dates were an absolute must for us.

I’ll put up an image of our Save the Dates when all of our guests have received them already 🙂


We received 2 quotes from the printer, one was for P8,000 (for 100 cards) and one for P12,000 (for 100 cards); we opted for the latter, which is basically how much a tri-colored pack of 100 cards costs.  If you want to have Save the Dates but want to save, then opt for a monochromatic one, perhaps even one that is half the size of ours (so a 3.5″ x 2″); it can still have the necessary details but you can save roughly P4,000-5,000. 


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