The Lining

I fit my lining today 🙂 amazingly (even after that weekend of stuffing myself with food and feeling a bit bloated) it was a bit loose (and yes, i ate breakfast!) so they had to take it in a bit, but otherwise, just a few tucks here and there with regards to the bust line, etc.  Michi added this really whimsical detailing to the neckline which I really liked and it just felt really comfortable to have on.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  I think I’ll have my first fitting some time late May or early June, and then probably again some time in October.  Michi and I also discussed my veil.  I told her I’m ok with having something over my face as long as it’s not too long/just about wait-length and simple.

Then, I spent some major bride-to-be bonding time with my friend, Charley, who went to The Oasis with me (while I was at Michi’s fitting my lining, she was chatting with the people at Printed Matter next door).  It’s always good to share with someone who can empathize with what you’re going through and I think Charley and I are on similar wave/life/philosophy lengths at the moment. Another person close to me who’s a bride-to-be (see, I wasn’t kidding when I said about 10 of my closest friends/relatives are also getting married this year!), my cousin, Dette, called tonight and asked about Tippi Ocampo; I hope her first meeting with Tippi goes well :). 

After lunch with Charley and meeting up with Jay for a brief drop-in at work in Makati, I headed to my old high school (well, the one here in Manila that is) and judged their dance company auditions.  Their theater is dope.  We used to get scared that we’d get tetanus at our old studio in the ghetto red light district (old) campus.  But the new campus?  Impressive. So anyways, at the end of the auditions us alumni dance co ladies got talking with our ‘Mama Bru(ha)’ YekYek, and somehow I found myself agreeing to perform at their next performance (with other alumni included, their biggest one yet) along with about 6 other ladies. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being super rusty and dance-challenged (considering I haven’t taken class in… at least a year and a half), I’m about a 10. So this is going to be very interesting. 🙂 


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