Viaje del Sol + Measurements + Happy Birthday, Momma!

Jay and I arrived on Sunday from a work-related trip that’s been termed ‘Viaje del Sol,’ or ‘the way of the sun’ by Patis Tesoro (fashion designer), the same woman who help put together the Viaje del Sol map. This year, there are 18 spots -bed&breakfasts, artist studios-cum-shops, restaurants, guided tours – included in the map and I think they’re going to continue adding more and more new places every year. Good thing, too, because the Laguna/Batangas/Quezon area is so lush with vegetation and rich with our southern/tagalog cultural heritage once you really explore places off the beaten path.

The trip was tiring! We had to cover the ‘highlights’ of the Viaje del Sol journey (meaning we picked 6 spots to feature: Casa San Pablo, Kinabuhayan Cafe, Pettyjohn Pottery, Kusina Salud, The Original Collete’s Bakeshop, and the sixth we have to go back to on Friday, the Laguna Lake Tour), but along the way we got a chance to eat the yummyyummy food and to get ourselves some good souvenir loot from each of the places we visited. Must tries are definitely the newest creation over at Collette’s (across from Caffe Curio), the Buko Pie Supreme (and also a plug for Lety’s Buko Pie, which is different from Collette’s Supreme); the hot chocolate and mango crepe over at Kusina Salud (as well as their Sunday brunch served by Chef Paul – delish!); whatever Jay Herrera cooks for you over at Kinabuhayan (amazing cook, that man), and breakfast over at Casa San Pablo (the pinipig-filled tsokolate… soooo good! with the daing and tusino and itlog na pula with kamatis… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!).

I felt a little guilty yesterday as I got measured for my gown at Michi Calica’s bridal boutique. 🙂 Casa San Pablo would be a bomb place to have a wedding reception because at night, you can lay out the banigs and look up at the stars, listen to live music, drink, and be merry. Kusina Salud also specializes in wedding receptions of up to around 180 people. Both places are so rustic, charming and extraordinary… we highly recommend that if you’re looking to have an intimate garden reception, to look into both Casa San Pablo or Kusina Salud.

So about the measurements – Chesa and I schlepped to QC to get fitted over at Michi’s salon. She wasn’t there, which was a bit disappointing because I had a lot of things to go over with her, but I’ll see her on Wednesday when I go in to fit my lining. The color swatches that her staff had to show me were off 😦 like way off 😦 because apparently when I sent her the sample Save The Date, the colors on her laptop’s screen came-off a little too pink/mustardy. But anyways, I texted with her after and we’ll get it right on Wednesday, hopefully 🙂 Thanks to Chesa for coming with and for spending the day with Jay and I!

And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN MY LIFE, MY BEAUTIFUL, DARLING, HILARIOUSLY QUIRKY MOM! 🙂 She doesn’t know it yet (and there’s no chance of her finding out as she doesn’t use the computer), but my dad and I have planned a surprise party for her tonight 🙂

Anyways, more on our Viaje del Sol journey when the article and video are both up on We leave you with a few lomo and Vivitar pictures (yep, Jay’s new viv came along for the ride) of our Viaje.

hot wheels room/loft. the casa cottage of Mama.

a moment to rest. jay and the map.

the all powerful and wise

jay squinting at ATC parking lot (home na). at kusina salud finishing up brunch.

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One response to “Viaje del Sol + Measurements + Happy Birthday, Momma!

  1. cali

    hi! i just want to ask what kind of cam do you use for taking pics like these? hope u dont mind me asking. ‘coz its so beautiful. I know your using some professional cam. your reply will very much appreciated! and congrats by the way.

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