Jay’s Birthday @ Vieux Chalet


Happy Birthday, hon!

Jay finally got a chance to have a proper dinner with his three best buds (Pao, Bug and Con), along with one of my best friends, Chesa, and Con’s girlfriend, Margaux, at our fave place in Antipolo, Vieux Chalet.  He’s been wanting to watch the sunset there with the guys for awhile now, and although the sun went down a bit fast for us (or maybe we were too engrossed in conversation?), we enjoyed each other’s company, had lots of wine (can you tell from our purple lips?), laughs, more laughs, and nostalgia… like to times when Jay used to wear spandex and a shirt… just that… nothing more, nothing less 🙂  He speaks highly of his friends and always tells me that although he doesn’t have a huge social circle, he knows that he can count on Pao, Bug and Con for pretty much anything, anywhere, and at any time, and that they always have each other’s backs.

Bug, Pao & Con with Jay

We stuffed ourselves silly with lamb shoulder, osso bucco, rosti, fettucine padilla and a marinara dish… and consumed 4 bottles of wine, which split amongst 7 people really wasn’t that bad.  Then we headed to Piedra for a bit to top the night off and reunited with a few familiar faces, once again.  It was nice to relax, people watch, shake our booties for a bit, and relax a bit more with each other.

Hon, I know that you had a great time and that it was a much needed reprieve.  I’ve been blessed by you and continue to be as each day passes and I find myself lucky enough to be by your side.  You’re the most amazing, strongest, compassionate, witty, hilarious, and loving person I know.  I love you.

Blow it out, hon!

Con and Margs

Chesa and I

Tank and Jay in a birthday embrace


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