2007 Wedding Expo Philippines

Jay and I went to our first wedding expo at PICC on CCP Complex Blvd., which happens to be the biggest one that’s ever been held in the country and is ongoing until tomorrow (click here for the official Wedding Expo site).

The pros:
– tons and tons of vendors for every couple’s budget. You have the Jason Magbanuas and the Dino Laras of the industry there, but then you also have up-and-coming vendors side-by-side one another;

– every kind of vendor was there, for the most part;

– since i was super harassed during my first meeting with Noky from Printsonalities, i was able to sit down and chat with her and Jay about more ideas, changes, etc., on our invite. and jay and i were able to show her elements of two different types of invites that we liked from her portfolio. she had the best set-up there by far and we are really happy that we went with Printsonalities! it also goes to show how accommodating she is as she texted me when she came back from lunch (the first time we dropped by her booth she was out to lunch);

– our choices thus far with our suppliers were reaffirmed. although we really liked seeing the breadth of the suppliers per category, we were still happy with the ones we had already chosen in terms of the quality of samples that were shown to us. for example, there were a lot of really great photographers and really neat album samples, but then at the end of the day, we compared it to Terry’s overall package (quality + eye/style + album) and we still would’ve gone with him had we seen all the other photogs we saw today;

– walking around with Jay, who got a chance to see just how much you have to consider and sift through when meeting with suppliers;

free dessert samples!!! hit-up all of the chocolate fountains!!!

The cons:

we didn’t book the supplier that we wanted to book at the expo, which is a tiffany chair supplier. there was only one from what we could tell! but there were so many tiffany chairs everywhere, it was weird. o well! chinkie has someone in mind anyway but we were hoping to book them today so that we could negotiate a 10% discount

– food was expensive (catered exclusively by Hizon’s); if you can, eat lunch before and go to the expo right after. a lunch for 2 ended up costing us almost P400.00, and for the small serving that they gave, we were kinda left wanting a bit more.

I would recommend going to the expo BEFORE booking suppliers, like as soon as you get engaged or know that you’re about to get engaged/planning on getting married so that you already have an idea what’s out there. Jay and I, I think at least, did so much research on our suppliers before we booked them that we pretty much didn’t approach anyone whom we weren’t ready to book on the spot. If you want to kind of gauge what else is out there in one go, an expo is the way to go. Plus they give 5-10% discounts if you book them on the spot.

Oh, bring a folder in which to put all the fliers and biz cards. You definitely get assaulted with paper there!

We leave you with an image that we’ll have to blog more about later on this week. We’ll need your help!:

Clique Booth

Stay tuned! 🙂 

Image above taken from the Clique website.


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