Printsonalities + Save the Dates

It’s 6:01 in the morning and I’m blogging about invites!  Dear gad.

As promised, I’ll elaborate a bit more on my meeting with Printsonalities in case those of you reading this are curious about the whole wedding invite process. 

First, getting to their part of San Antonio Village was a bit of a mess for me.  I realize that they have a map on their website but I think it should be noted that once you turn right on Zobel Roxas heading North from SLEX (the highway), you have to take an IMMEDIATE right on Kamagong.  And you know how it is here, the road signs are miniscule and sometimes not even visible from the road so of course I missed Kamagong entirely and found myself in the middle of a barrio street, my car too big to really maneuver through it.  I felt horrible cos there were all these kids on the street and I was really cramping their space.  I’m surprised that I didn’t run anyone over, although they were certainly not shy about making it known that the car was too close for comfort for them. You can imagine the difficulty of doing a 3-point turn on that barrio street 🙂

Anyways, I met with Noky of Printsonalities over lunch (along with Angel of Tropical Blooms) and I felt a bit frazzled and didn’t really know if I made any sense to her.  I think what saved my butt was the ole scrapbook, cos I just kind of pointed to the invites and STDs that Jay and I liked, and also to the samples saved on my laptop (I brought that along to the meeting too), and she would take pictures of it, or take note of it somehow.  Also, she brought along her portfolio of samples, which was super helpful, and I found an invite that was close to our liking; of course, I told her how we could change it to make it ours, and again, she took notes. My advice would be to bring as many visual aids as possible cos it really helps explain what it is you want for the invites.

From what I’ve heard from the different coordinators I chatted with while I was canvassing, Prints is pretty much the best in printing here in Manila, but their prices reflect the high standard and quality of their products.  I was kind of shocked at how much 250 invites (just the invites alone, sans STDs, menu cards, missalettes, Thank You cards…) actually cost!  But it depends.  The more color you use, the more expensive.  The more inserts, the more expensive.  We are having dashes of color and a pocketfold invite so that upped our price quite a bit. 

Their retainer fee is P10,000.

As promised, Noky e-mailed me the quotation for the entire wedding stationery set the next day.  Once I ok’d it, she went ahead and sent me different design samples for our STDs.  So right now, Jay and I are in the middle of mulling it over and tweaking it on Adobe PS 🙂 cos we want to get it just right.  It’s hard to get the typeface just how we want it! 

Save the Dates are fun 🙂 It’s your first tangible statement to your guests so for Jay and I, we want it to be whimsical and fun, but still classy and tasteful.  It’s also a peek into what your theme or motif will be for the wedding so we’re having to coordinate with the designer to see if the color on the STD matches the swatches for the gowns.  The fun part came when Jay got into it, which wasn’t surprising cos the invites require a bit of graphic design work and Jay’s pretty visual so he had a good time (he said so himself!) with it.

Ironically, our Save the Date won’t have the words ‘save the date’ on it at all 🙂


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