The Truth Is Hard To Swallow

McDonalds. Burger King. Wendy’s. Jollibee. No more. I mean, as much as I could, I always made a conscious effort to not put as much of that stuff in my mouth. But when faced with unbearable hunger or a craving for juicy meat, the most accessible place to satisfy those hunger pangs are those establishments under their huge neon signs. Never again.

After seeing ‘Fast Food Nation‘, it was enough to convince Cathy and I to put down those quarter pounders for good. I love Richard Linklater and the projects he takes on, and it totally slipped my mind that he had wrapped up Fast Food Nation. I had heard he was doing the movie, based on the bestseller by Eric Schlosser (who helped pen the screenplay with Linklater), but I think the movie was shadowed by the hype of his previous movie ‘A Scanner Darkly’. I eventually forgot about it, but was pleased to find a copy of the movie a few days ago at your local “DVD vendor” (that’s another story on its own).

The story starts when the head of a major fast food company (“Mickey’s”) finds out, through independent testings, that traces of fecal matter was found in their meat patties. Yes, there’s shit in the burger.

It’s a great look at the fast food industry and the whole time I’m watching, I’m thinking “is this for real?!“. Very poignant film, and when the credits rolled I got that feeling I got after watching Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself, “what am I going to do?“.

It’s your move.


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