What wedding guests complain about (source: theknot.com)

We’re Not Going to Maui Tomorrow

“My wife and I recently went to a wedding on a Sunday evening, and we had to be at work the next day. The ceremony was at 5 p.m., the reception wasn’t until about 6:30, and dinner wasn’t even served until 8. The meal was finished around 9:30, and most of the guests were not from the area where the wedding took place. We left before the reception was over, and still didn’t make it home until midnight.”
–John, 35, New York, NY

we won’t have this problem as ours is on a Saturday, not a Sunday or a week day

 Shall We See a Movie?

“I don’t like long pauses between the ceremony and reception, as it is terribly inconvenient for out-of-town guests.”
–Jocelyn, 27, Austin, TX

“If your ceremony ends at 5 p.m. and the reception starts at 6 p.m., you can assume that guests will be heading for the reception hall immediately following, so maybe it’s best to book the location from 5:30 on. It’s so awful to feel like an eager beaver and just be waiting in the reception hall lobby until the party officially ‘begins.'”
–Amy, 25, Middletown, CT

 we are taking this into consideration!  our solution?  a cocktail hour at the upper-lobby before the reception.  yes, there will be plenty of food and drinks to go around 🙂

A Little Mystery Never Hurt

“One thing I didn’t like was seeing the bride before the ceremony. It was totally anticlimactic when she came down the aisle.”
–Sarah, 24, Brooklyn, NY

“I hate when people decorate the pews and altar in their church after guests are already seated. I have been to two weddings where I watched the attendants or friends attach flowers and bows to the pews and set up candles at the altar while all the seated guests watched. It looked so disorganized and informal.”
–Danine, 46, Miami, FL

“I hate it when the bride and her dad or the bride and groom stop halfway down the aisle for a photo op.”
–Frank, 31, Ann Arbor, MI

we’ll keep the mystery .. for sure 🙂

Am I a Cheap Date?

“Guests should never be expected to pay for drinks. You would never host any other private party and expect your guests to pay for their own alcohol.”
–Elizabeth, 25, Frederick, MD

“I hate cash bars. It’s like sending your wedding present COD.”
–Susan, 28, New Fairfield, CT

“I’m sorry, but limited bars are generally a bummer. Ditto for wine drawn from a tap.”
–Liza, 25, Cincinnati, OH

our guests can leave their wallets at home 🙂

Don’t Strand My Man

“The worst is when you’re in the wedding party and your date doesn’t know anyone at the wedding, and has to sit at a different table than you.”
–Jennifer, 28, Chicago, IL

“My husband was the best man in a wedding, and I was seated at the opposite end of the room while he was with the wedding party. It felt really strange and awkward.”
–Julie, 34, Los Angeles, CA

it’s not so kosher to separate couples…

Okay, Break it Up

“Cake-smashing, by far, is so replete with subliminal messages that I’d so rather not bear witness to during a wedding that I think it best be banned. This ritual is uncomfortable to watch, totally passive-aggressive, and not at all the zany, jocular show the couple thinks it is.”
–Amy, 25, Middletown, CT

“The whole cake-smashing-in-the-face event makes me wonder if the couple is just getting out their aggressions from all those pre-wedding quarrels.”
–David, 51, Atlanta, GA

wow… i didn’t know that there were subliminal messages involved in cake-smashing on the face.  interesting.

The GOOD News

“The best weddings are the ones that make me cry during the ceremony. If I cry, I know I have been touched by the couple, and after that I am just really happy to be there sharing the whole event.”
–Lisa, 33, Philadelphia, PA

“I absolutely love the day-after-the-wedding brunch tradition. Nothing fancy is necessary, just a chance to see the happy couple and wish them well without all the fanfare of the wedding day.”
–Beth, 52, Chicago, IL

this is a great idea!  perhaps with out of town guests and family. 

“I love when the couple welcomes children to the wedding. It’s the biggest family-oriented event of your life, and the kids of close family and friends should be there. It makes for a happier occasion.”
–Susan, 31, New Fairfield, CT

absolutely!  that’s one of the details we’re excited about – what exactly we’ll put on the kiddy table 🙂

“Nothing makes a wedding better than a bride and a groom who are smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. It’s completely contagious.”
–Mark, 51, Reading, PA

heck ya!


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