Angel from Tropical Blooms

Angel from Tropical Blooms was a pleasure to meet. I think he’s been my favorite supplier thus far. He was super patient (there were a number of accidents and construction on SLEX so I was 1.5 hours late to my appointment 😦 ) and thorough and really informative. And he was really kind and … not pushy at all, and my mom and I liked his ideas and suggestions so we booked him.

I brought-in my handy-dandy scrapbook and showed him my bridal bouquet ideas, as well as some event styling images from wedding magazines like Martha Stewart’s Wedding and Elegant Wedding and Los Angeles Wedding (aaaaah!!!! can you imagine the hell of staying up late at night to cut-out the images?!? aduh). I also reiterated the importance of having my guests see each other across the table, so he understood that we want simple but still gorgeous boxed centerpieces for the tables. Of course, we asked him to shave-off a bit of the total price (and he did) before we booked him; and for good measure, he threw in 30 Tiffany chairs (which means P3,000 less for us!).

I had a bit of a breakdown after our meeting with Angel and Noky (from Printsonalities, which will be in another entry) cos things have been difficult, logistically, as of late. It took me 2.5 hours to get from Alabang to Makati and just 20 minutes to get home! That, coupled with having to fire our driver, and the harassed nature of my different ‘hats’ or jobs/schooling, I think I just needed a break from life. So I headed straight to Chesa’s house, and we chatted and laughed and she showed me how to make this great pasta recipe (sundried tomatoes and capers… yum!!!!) and I felt better already as I returned home and walked Tank. 🙂 Another friend who has been commiserating with me right now is my girl, Anna (knew her in Indonesia), who is getting married in July in the bay area. She empathizes with wedding nightmare stories and the uncertainty that surrounds the intangibility of wedding planning. You pick-out all of these people and you expect them to pull it all off – it being the Big Day – and you give them your money and then nothing really happens until way, way, later. 🙂

But like we both have said to each other, what roots us back to earth and to reality is the thought of spending the rest of our lives with our beloveds. 🙂 Happy Friday to all!


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