Welcome the new member of the family.

His name is Tank. He came to us by chance. He’s actually Cathy’s brother’s dog, and after some unfortunate series of events, Alex had to send Tank over here to avoid throwing him into a kennel for 10 months. Tank gets depressed and refuses to eat after coming back from the kennel. I liken it to Brooks condition (milder of course) in Shawshank Redemption. Haven’t seen Shawshank? Shame on you.

So Tank is here now, and lives with Cathy’s family. After 10 months, I’m not sure where he’ll be, but Cathy claims he’s not going anywhere and is now her new dog. To be honest, he’s the most friendly, obedient and laid back dog I have ever met. Testament to Alex’s disciplinary care. You HAVE to establish that you’re the alpha male, the leader of the pack. It’s part of a dog’s social nature. Don’t be his bitch. He’ll always walk to your left and when you stop, he’ll sit down. The first time I met him he didn’t bark or try to bite (he doesn’t bark or bite at all). He calmy strutted his way towards me and after a few rubs on his mug he fell to the floor, belly up, demanding a tummy rub. That’s Tank. A big baby.


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