Ilocos Sur and Norte

Jay and I just arrived early this morning from a very long roadtrip to Ilocos Sur and Norte with our Jakarta friends. We saw incredible sights, ate lots of interestingly textured Ilocano food (for example, they have this suman-esque sweet thing that had dots all over it but wasn’t as sticky as the normal suman), got dressed up in turn-of-the-century clothing (and ate dinner with it on!), saw the Alampay’s (actually, the Arce) Ancestral Home off of the historic Crisologo St., heard mass in Ilocano, rode around in a calesa, climbed the Burgos lighthouse (eek! a panic attack for me), stopped over at a Juan Luna home repro, saw Macoy’s dead body (where I got my film taken away for lomographizing…), had a bonfire at night underneath a blanket of stars (simply amazing), shared lots of funny stories and jokes that only Jay’s capable of telling so as to have us all in stitches, got some quality time under the sun, and spent an afternoon at Sitio Remedios, an uber cool commune/restplace with its own chapel, 6 Ilocano/native homes as bungalows/2-story rest houses, with its own beachfront property, and basically had a helluva great (albeit tiring) time together with our friends. We are forever indebted to Con’s (one of Jay’s best men) fam, esp his mom, Tita Girlie, and Tita Lorna, too, for ‘watching over’ us ‘kids’ 🙂 Ahhh, in their eyes we’ll always be 12 years old.

We heart the Ilocos Region!

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We’ll post the link of the online album when we have it ready, but for now, a few pics:

Celebratory moments on Crisologo – Ponzi and Camille

Beach time in Cabugao



The Group


Oh – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERYONE! Jay and I are opting for a low-key affair. We’re thinking Indomie by candlelight out on his balcony with some vino and good music. 🙂 We like to keep it real. By ‘real’ we mean affordable.

At home in the world with my man



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  1. Mia Vallarta


    I love your picturesof Ilocos. & Vigan..I was able to stay at Pug-os Ilocos because of Manang Girlie Arce-Alampay.I was one of her classmates-friends from St Paul College Manila.Please give her my email address.I will be in Manila July15-30th.Would like to get in touch after 35 yrs.She has not changed-still beauty.

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