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Welcome the new member of the family.

His name is Tank. He came to us by chance. He’s actually Cathy’s brother’s dog, and after some unfortunate series of events, Alex had to send Tank over here to avoid throwing him into a kennel for 10 months. Tank gets depressed and refuses to eat after coming back from the kennel. I liken it to Brooks condition (milder of course) in Shawshank Redemption. Haven’t seen Shawshank? Shame on you.

So Tank is here now, and lives with Cathy’s family. After 10 months, I’m not sure where he’ll be, but Cathy claims he’s not going anywhere and is now her new dog. To be honest, he’s the most friendly, obedient and laid back dog I have ever met. Testament to Alex’s disciplinary care. You HAVE to establish that you’re the alpha male, the leader of the pack. It’s part of a dog’s social nature. Don’t be his bitch. He’ll always walk to your left and when you stop, he’ll sit down. The first time I met him he didn’t bark or try to bite (he doesn’t bark or bite at all). He calmy strutted his way towards me and after a few rubs on his mug he fell to the floor, belly up, demanding a tummy rub. That’s Tank. A big baby.


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Flowers & Prints + Terry Uy & Threelogy update

Long time, no blog.  Ugh, commitments in every direction have been pulling us … well, in every direction, which means almost no time to blogourheartsout.

We were really looking forward to seeing our printer tomorrow, Printsonalities, but something happened and the appointment has been postponed to next Tuesday. But we’ll let you know how that goes for sure.

As for the florist… it’s been a mixed bag with this florist thing. Cos at first, Jun Hen was recommended to us by almost everyone (all the planners we had talked to, designer, blogs, press coverage…) but then slowly, but surely, we’re getting the same response from the same said sources – he’s ‘stretched too thin,’ he’s ‘hard to pin-down for an appointment,’ sometimes there are ‘multiple bookings for one day’… This is all heresay, so reader (bride) beware. 🙂 But (Cathy) thought (she’d) put it out there for all of you ladies (and gents, heck) who are considering florists. But we know from our end that it’s been hard to nail him down to a day and date for a meeting to talk about ideas, costs, etc., so for now, we are going to meet with another recommendation by Chinkie, Angel from Tropical Blooms.

We were told that Angel is really good with the whole boxed floral arrangement centerpiece thing (read: no high centerpieces), that he has a great eye for flowers, for props, and is also quite good with event styling. So naturally, we’re excited to meet him tomorrow morning. With (cathy’s) mom of course, who insists that the flowers have to be beyoooootiful.

So we promise, promise, promise to follow-up on that tomorrow after the meeting.

Oh, before we forget, Michi Calica recommended a florist to us today, Evelyn of Lily Flower Boutique (click here to read more about her). I like that she’s pro-Pinoy flowers. I think we may check her out anyway after meeting with Angel.

Too many options.. not always a good thing.

On another note, we promised to write on our photog and videog choices.

With Terry (photog), it was pretty easy. We looked at his website (loved the candid, posed portraits, photojournalistic reception and ceremony shots), looked at his price (45k all-in, meaning w/ images on CD, coffee table style album in black; no prenups tho as jay and i aren’t sure about the prenup thing… we’re thinking that if we do it, we might go the lomo way). He said he can give us the album within 3 weeks of the Big Day so we were happy with that. He was very easy to talk to, a chipper guy (tho a note to others out there who want to meet with him, he disclosed to us that he’s not a morning person, so think he may be chipper past 11 am; we met at 9 am, arf!). And we were happy with his samples (coincidence – the album we looked at had the wedding of Dra. Barbaran’s sister, (cathy’s) derma at Belomed). Chinkie said that she’s worked with him as well and that he’s a really nice guy, so we booked him on the spot.

Photog, check.

As for Threelogy… think that there was no way we were going to drop 90k for Jason. He’s fabulous but it wasn’t going to happen because we would have to make concessions elsewhere in the budget. And it was either Jason and no bomb choir (or) Threelogy (read: bomb video) and a bomb choir. So of course we took the latter!

And also because we had a lovely time chatting with CJ from Threelogy at their studio in Teacher’s Village. He showed us a sample, we talked some more about the different weddings, different styles. Then he took us into their editing lab and we showed him our blog … shameless 🙂 and also some of (jay’s) work on clickthecity. Then he said that he now feels pressured to do a good job with our vid (yea!!) because he knows that he has in-the-know critics in this groom and bride. And we told him that we’ll yell at him if he’s not covering a shot that we want … just kidding. Good times with CJ, nice guy and very easy to talk to. And Threelogy’s work speaks for itself so we walked outta there and booked them on-the-spot (well, he gave us a 5-day window, so Jay deposited the down the next morning, but the verbal booking was on-the-spot).

Videog, check.

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Ilocos Sur and Norte

Jay and I just arrived early this morning from a very long roadtrip to Ilocos Sur and Norte with our Jakarta friends. We saw incredible sights, ate lots of interestingly textured Ilocano food (for example, they have this suman-esque sweet thing that had dots all over it but wasn’t as sticky as the normal suman), got dressed up in turn-of-the-century clothing (and ate dinner with it on!), saw the Alampay’s (actually, the Arce) Ancestral Home off of the historic Crisologo St., heard mass in Ilocano, rode around in a calesa, climbed the Burgos lighthouse (eek! a panic attack for me), stopped over at a Juan Luna home repro, saw Macoy’s dead body (where I got my film taken away for lomographizing…), had a bonfire at night underneath a blanket of stars (simply amazing), shared lots of funny stories and jokes that only Jay’s capable of telling so as to have us all in stitches, got some quality time under the sun, and spent an afternoon at Sitio Remedios, an uber cool commune/restplace with its own chapel, 6 Ilocano/native homes as bungalows/2-story rest houses, with its own beachfront property, and basically had a helluva great (albeit tiring) time together with our friends. We are forever indebted to Con’s (one of Jay’s best men) fam, esp his mom, Tita Girlie, and Tita Lorna, too, for ‘watching over’ us ‘kids’ 🙂 Ahhh, in their eyes we’ll always be 12 years old.

We heart the Ilocos Region!

Hosted on Zooomr

We’ll post the link of the online album when we have it ready, but for now, a few pics:

Celebratory moments on Crisologo – Ponzi and Camille

Beach time in Cabugao



The Group


Oh – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERYONE! Jay and I are opting for a low-key affair. We’re thinking Indomie by candlelight out on his balcony with some vino and good music. 🙂 We like to keep it real. By ‘real’ we mean affordable.

At home in the world with my man


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Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

In case you missed the 11th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Jay captured the experience on Clipcast! Watch the video here.

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Vieux Chalet

Our latest work sojourn – Antipolo City, about 20 minutes from Eastwood but seemingly a world away when you’re at Vieux Chalet.  Read the piece and watch the Clipcast here! Go when you ain’t got nowhere to go after cos you’ll likely stay for several hours. A great place to unwind, watch the sunset and to detoxify your mind and spirit. 🙂

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Terry Uy & Threelogy

What a day!

Jay and I schlepped from Ortigas to Greenhills back to Ortigas to eat lunch and do CTC work, then to Antipolo to shoot at Vieux Chalet, then to Quezon City again.  But we were triumphant!  We put in our retainer fees for both the photographer, Terry Uy, and the videographers, Threelogy.

More about the process later on this week, when I don’t have deadlines and a lesson plan to do for tomorrow 🙂


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No Mimi and Karl + Superstitions

It was my friend (Karts’) birthday yesterday and we spent it at one of our fave eateries, Amici di Don Bosco.  It was nice cos we got a chance to see our other dear friend as well, Father Gustilo, as he is their resident ‘GRO’ at Amici (those are his words, not mine, I promise!).  Fantastic food, laidback location, great company, and a relaxed but intimate way to spend Karts’ birthday (click here for Amici video).  Ayos!

A look around the room last night was indicative of where Jay and I are headed 🙂 as almost everyone was married or engaged or in a serious relationship.  What’s even better was that our friends’ babies were in tow, so on the way home Jay and I remarked that we have now officially started attending parties that are kid-friendly… again, as a college girlfriend has said many times in response to me settling down (or is it getting the party started…? I think so!), ‘Cathy, it is the end of an era.’

(L to R) Karts, Me, Ana, Jenny, and Charley

Sad news. Mimi and Karl, the photog team we had our eye on, is booked on our date already. I found this out today as I was trying to relax on the massage table so of course I spent the next 30 minutes texting back-and-forth with different suppliers to see who else they recommend – much to the chagrin of Susi, our knot detangler. I’m still waiting on one particular photog. Jay and I love his work samples online, we like the photojournalistic and non-traditional approach, and he answered my queries instantly (on a Sunday, at that!) so I hope that he is free on our date and that we can meet with him tomorrow so that we can get the videographer and the photog suppliers in the bag. Will post about that later this week, hopefully.

I was kinda freaked out that people who have our same day are already on the ball with suppliers and have gone as far as putting in their down payment for photogs and videogs and stuff… which means Jay and I probably should do the same thing. That’s why we feel the need to do it this week so that we can kind of cruise until August. 🙂 That’s our plan, at least. We can take our time in planning out the other details like church music, reception playlist, attend band and DJ sit-ins at night, all the details, so that not everything has to happen 3 months before.

OMG I was told last night by my friends (2 married, 1 engaged) that there are wedding superstitions regarding the bride’s dress in addition to the groom not seeing her in the dress the day of and before the bridal march! Click here for the litany of horror as posted on W@W. I am not entirely sure I can handle just trying on my lining… I’ll have to talk to Michi about this. Later. Much later. Right now the dress is still in its embryonic stage.

Fingers are crossed regarding our wedding photographer Plan B. He was referred to us by Mimi and Karl (Plan A) and to tell you the truth, I think I may like his eye a wee bit more, so it could be a blessing that our Plan A is booked already.

Toes crossed, too.

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