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As you can read from Cathy’s post below, we’re around that stage of picking a photographer and videographer. I think it would come down to Mimi and Karl or Dino Lara (no relation, although I could use the name as a bargaining chip) as photographers and Jason Magbanua or Threelogy for videographers. In my opinion, considering price and quality, Mimi and Karl and Threelogy are perfect for our wedding. We have yet to decide, but there is one thing I want to be able to determine prior to picking our videographer. The scoring of the on-site wedding video.

Other than an entire video presentation, the videographers also prepare a 3-5 minute video of the preparation and ceremony on the spot, and to be shown during the reception. Here are a few of Threelogy’s and some of Jason’s.

I’m hoping we get to choose our scoring, considering the mulah we have to shell out. So I proceeded to break it down. I downloaded a video from Threelogy and watched it muted (no offense to the celebrants!) and began to listen to a couple of tracks to see which would fit. I came up with the following tentative list:

1. Joshua Radin – Today (leaning heavily towards this joint…great guitar performance, lyrics and voice by radin)
2. Coldplay – For You (very cinematic, always imagine this playing to an opening of a movie)
3. Nick Drake – Northern Sky (his voice is just so easy on the ears)
4. Jack Johnson – Better Together (just a favorite of ours)
5. Ella Fitzgerald – Prelude To A Kiss (i think i may have been reaching here, but its has a very classy feel to it that i like)
6. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (i can’t say his last name either, but who can’t resist the sound of the ukulele…it has that great mix of laid back and romantic)
7. Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (just cause norah’s voice has to be somewhere during the reception and this song paces perfectly with the video i watched)

Now this list is nowhere finished. I was looking for a laid back sound that fit our personality, nothing too serious and cliche. These are just a few I thought of at the top of my head (and going through my library). I went through a bunch of songs, added to the list, deleted from the list.
So, if any of you out there have any suggestions, please let us know. Share the music!



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2 responses to “Our Music

  1. Ahh, the wonders of public blogs and search engines. My two centavos on the music…

    Jack Johnson is kinda overused lately.

    But that quiet Coldplay song – pure drama. It would really really go along with video well.
    Joshua Radin, thanks for the mention, that’s a great song. Great lyrics, nice melody. Poppy but not quite. (You’re not gonna hate me if I use it right?)

    Wonderful World and Come Away with me are good songs no doubt, but they lack a peak, a climax. Israel’s song is driven by a constant ukelele strum from start to finish, Norah’s is just plain languid.

    In no way am I a music critic though, just got the hang of listening to nuances doing video day in and out.

  2. Hey Jason!
    Thanks for stopping by! Good points on the songs…Ya, I really like that Joshua Radin joint as well 🙂
    Music is meant to be shared, so no, I’m not gonna hate you if you use it. Maybe if you hook us up with a wedding video? Hahaha..Just kidding……….just kidding?.. just kidding 😉
    Thanks again for stopping by!

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