Jason Magbanua and Threelogy

The thing about researching wedding videographers is that you have to watch the wedding videos.  And this can only mean one thing – tears, and lots of it.  I get so weepy each time I finish a video by Threelogy or Jason Magbanua that I’m not sure I can handle more than three at a time. 

I haven’t met them yet so I’m really just judging their work online (so I don’t know what they’re like to work with, how articulate they are, how willing they are to take the couple’s ideas in their execution…) but to me, Jason’s vids seem a bit more polished and nuanced.  I don’t know if it’s the whole cross-processing thing he does, or his unique treatment, or perhaps it’s just that his couples choose just the right score for the vids.  But it’s really a tough one because Threelogy isn’t bad either.  I think I’m just a tad bit more partial to Jason because he has a fully functioning website 🙂  whereas you have to search Threelogy’s work on YouTube.  What’s up with that?

It will be hard to convince Jay to drop so much mula with Jason’s vids.  But damn, they’re good.  He is so expensive though (rates are here)!  But he’s right, the work speaks for itself, so I can’t exactly blame the guy.  Plus he has a family to feed!  🙂  I also like that he seems to be pretty articulate (check out his blog here).  That’s always a plus.

I get pretty weepy thinking about Jay being on the other side of the aisle.. oh dear, I have to walk all that way to get to him on the Big Day.  St. James has a long aisle!  You know, we see each other almost every day (used to be daily up until this term, started teaching on tues/thurs), but his face still lights up when he sees me in the morning and I cannot wait to see him when I go in our office doors, either.  It’s such an amazing feeling and I get to have it so many times throughout the week. What a blessing, right? I love being with him, around him, near him, working and playing with him (that doesn’t sound right)… uh-oh, I’m getting weepy again.  I should really go to bed. 🙂 



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5 responses to “Jason Magbanua and Threelogy

  1. Anne

    Hi Cathy,

    I was looking for blogs for some tips about weddings and came across your blog. Like you, I am about to get married early next year. The search for the best video and photos is my top priority. Threelogy has their own blog site as well. You might want to take a look at it.


    God bless you both!

  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for leaving us a note! I’ve been looking for the Threelogy site but I kept on getting re-directed to a generic site, so thanks for forwarding over their blog. I’m definitely going to check it out as I’ve been viewing most of their stuff on YouTube.

    Jay and I are going to meet with them in a couple of weeks and so far they’re still free on our date so we’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂


    Cathy & Jay

  3. Clearly, the YouTube Threelogy vids don’t showcase their best oeuvre. Checked-out their blog and they are up there with Jason!

    NICE work. Yahoo! I’m going to ask Chinkie tomorrow if we can book them already cos Jay and I are happy with their work (and their price).

    Thanks again for the blog tip, Anne!


  4. Anne

    Hi Cathy!

    Glad to be of service! me too have always been moved to tears by their videos!


  5. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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