Sinulog Festival


Jay and I just arrived from Cebu’s Sinulog Festival.  It was so much fun… so colorful and festive and a true Pinoy experience… but there wasn’t a moment when our feet weren’t aching or when we didn’t miss the plush pillows of the hotel while shooting 🙂  It was so interesting.  I have never been to a festival of that magnitude so I’m still a bit shellshocked.  In a good way.  

(as an aside we were made to try shots of Bacardi 151 by a friend… the experience was akin to a bomb exploding in your stomach and killing every germ or bacteria inside.  never again.)

 Anyways, to read more about Sinulog, click here.

 To see footage from the parade, click here, and from the Basilica Menore del Santo Nino re-enactment of the first mass, come on over here.

 An interesting tidbit – no one was able to tell me what Pit Senor means.  Everyone was yelling it at the top of their lungs but when asked, ‘what does PIT SENOR/SENYOR mean?!?’ people kind of looked uncomfortable and… really had no idea about its etymology.  I was so disappointed!  They say it’s like saying ‘Viva Santo Nino!’ but then… why not just say that instead of the whole ‘Pit’ thing?  WHAT IS ‘PIT’?!? 

Anyhoo… Jay and I lit candles for his family and mine outside of the Basilica and I just followed the local lady in front of me in her offertory ritual… she danced a bit outside of Magellan’s Cross and then mumbled her prayers… then she chucked all of the candles at the foot of the cross. So I did the same thing. She didn’t notice, she was still in a bit of a trance…

pit senyor… pit senyor… pit senyor.


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