‘Binyag’ is Tagalog for ‘baptism,’ btw.

 Jay became Ninong (godfather) Jay of his old colleague’s first son, baby Phoenix, yesterday.  It’s pretty amazing to watch him with kids… he’s far better at handling them than I am.  No, seriously, it worries me and makes me think that I don’t have much of a maternal instinct.  Maybe it will come in one of the hormones that I’ll likely get an influx of throughout pregnancy and beyond.  Phoenix was perfectly calm in Jay’s arms, but in mine he went straight for my hair and tried to eat it.  Oh dear.

Ninong Jay with Baby Phoenix

I likened the baby to a 60 year old stuck in the body of a 4 month old.  He was so calm and collected, despite the crosses that were dug into his forehead, the baptismal water, the heat, the noise, the passing him around like hot potatoes, that full head of hair!  What a trooper.  He sat comfortably and quietly on Jay’s lap as his ninong rubbed his little feet together, while his ate (older sister) stood nearby and tried to bite his nose or cheeks off repeatedly in true ‘gigil’ (dunno translation for that, sorry) fashion.

Baby Phoenix also met another one of Jay’s old colleague’s baby, and she’s the same age as him, so they’re a match!  Maybe in 25 years :).

Yummy cheeks


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