Our (work) baby on FHM Philippines

As many of you all know, our little engine that could, Clipcast, has really evolved into a cool and current repository of videos on everything under the sun that a Pinoy would find interesting.  We try our best to up the utility value of the features and Jay and I are constantly looking for interesting people, places and things to bring to the public.  We’ve gotten some rave reviews from a few blogs and websites but I think FHM is the first print glossy to give us a shout-out, so thank you to FHM Philippines for the love. 

Clipcast has done a lot for Jay and I, not just work-wise, but also within the realm of our relationship.  If you can stand the sight of someone 24-7, at work and at play, and if you can learn to problem-solve and keep yourselves on your toes without losing your lid (wow, too many cliches in one sentence…) then I think it’s a relationship worth nurturing.  Jay and I have really grown while working together, and it’s really all through the medium of Clipcast, so we definitely thank our lucky stars for IPTV 🙂 cos it gives us our own little work playground. 

Click here to read the FHM piece online.


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