Hello, 2007!

I’m back from the US. 

I don’t know how people do long distance relationships.  The twelve days without Jay was unbearable.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain… a lot of other people have it much worse but spending both Christmas and New Year without him was difficult.  BUT… I did get a chance to spend Christmas with mi familia (yep, all of 5 of us in one roof!  Kuya Fred left on Christmas Day for his South American sojourn, but it was special nonetheless).  We went to lots of family and ‘close friend of the family’ reunions (read: ate lots and lots of Pinoy food), I got to see my college girlfriends (Colleen and Audrey), both of whom I haven’t seen in two years, which is way too long, shop :), and I also saw my junior high/high school friends (Anna, Wendy and E) in San Francisco.  Jenjen (Jay’s sister) and Norlynne also spent the day with me and it was great to walk around Old Town Pasadena with them and to exchange funny stories over Singaporean/Malay food.  We basically just spent a nice, leisurely day together, which made me wish that Jay was with us, so he could’ve seen all the interesting people and stores/shops in Old Town, and of course, so he could also meet Norlynne.  But that day will come soon enough. 

 Jay and I are praying for lots of strength right now – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically – one that will carry us through the upcoming months leading up to November.   We’re excited (!!!) and we can’t believe it’s already 2007 (!!!).  We’ve been delaying the wedding planning until ‘next year,’ which is already this year, which is NOW.  🙂 So on my to-do list this week: to make an appointment with our (potential) planner and attend measurements and have a kind of tell-all (color scheme, theme, ideas, blahblahblah) session with Michi.  Should be fun 🙂 We’re making progress as today Jay and I looked through three wedding magazines together and we folded pages and everything… circled things with a red sharpie if we liked them and made gagging noises for all the things we abhorred. That’s progress, right?

 I leave you with a few images from my holiday.  Happy New Year, all.  🙂

(1st Row) Mama & Dad; Wendy & I. (2nd Row) Jen & Norlynne, Mama & I

(1st Row) Fall foliage, LA; Boulevard chefs in SFO; (2nd Row) Bay Area Chinatown; Scharffen Berger Chocs

Haight Street; Anna

Bruddas with Mama

Kuya Axel, Mama, Me, Dad


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