C is for washer

We had our company Christmas party yesterday at
Bed Space and the retro theme added an extra layer of fun for everyone. Darna showed up, along with several mod girls and high-as-a-kite hippies and we basically laughed ourselves silly through each group performance (it’s a Pinoy party after all, so we put on a show!). Although our group didn’t win in the performance division (a deserving Austin Powers inspired group bagged that price), I did manage to snag the best costume award! I was perfectly happy with getting the sash and colored printout saying that I won… but there was a cash prize to be had! Woohoo! It couldn’t have been possible without the priceless contribution of Pepper Roxas, who searched her storage/closet high and low for that afro wig (thank you, Pepper!). I was channeling Nia Long in the remake of Alfie.


In addition to winning the couples gift wrapping contest (timed and with only one hand – GO TEAM JC!), Jay came away with the best raffle price of all: a washing machine!!! Can you believe it? At first we were like, “As in a real one?!?”  We’ll be needing that next year. 🙂

C is for washer! Jay won a washer!!! Jay, Nei and Ms. D

This is teamwork.

Jay and I agreed that it was by far the best company Christmas party that we had ever been to.  We were practically crying watching our programmer and sales manager do the sexy body roll. It was insanity. 

Fong’s winning group – Dred, Ana, Aileen, Fong & Joy (disco ball rented from the I love you store)

Jay had a costume too but due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, he left it in his car. Long story.


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