Lomo Lovin

The pics turned out great!

“love of my life… you are my friend… love of my life.. on you I can depend…” – Erykah Badu & Common



Mag Rack at Solidaridad

Tree at ATC

A cure for a drabbydrab day

Jay and I are kinda cheesy with our lomo love 🙂 Oh well, there are worse things to be accused of. Since he got me my LC-A+, he’s always reminding me to take it with me everywhere I go so that his LC-A has a companion, aka fartner. But lately I’ve been a bit too busy to just whip it out and shoot from the hip, so to (lomo)speak. But the camera is there, lying in wait within the deep abyss that is my white work bag, right next to my deodorant, vaseline, notepad, book, work receipts case, car keys, pashmina, toothbrush… aduh. I should really listen to Jay’s advice – carry a smaller purse so you’re not compelled to stock up for a natural calamity! 🙂 But if you need a vitamin C toner and face revitalizer in the middle of Ayala Ave traffic, I’m your gal.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the pics!


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