Jen’s Wedding in Vegas

Here comes the bride!

The Giveaway

Jen and Yogi

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it, too

As we mentioned in our first post, Jay’s sister, Jen, is now Mrs. Jen Lara Patagoc.  She and Norlynne got married ala Vegas style at the Tropicana Hotel.  Her empire-waist tulip dress in white was made by Norlynne himself!  And in case you’re wondering (don’t lie, we know you are) – no, she’s not preggers, it’s just the dress style (think Derek Lam and Zac Posen). 

Despite the rock ‘n roll locale, it looks like it was your good ole fashioned Filipino wedding, complete with relatives in-tow, some ‘dancing-dancing’ (to be said with a Pinoy accent) and of course, the giveaways!   Jen’s maid-of-honor was Yogi (Mila) Collado, her sister through-and-through ever since she could remember, and her ring bearer?  Norlynne’s nephew, Rizal (aka Rizzie).  She had a red theme goin’ on, hence Yogi’s red dress and Jen’s red platforms (which you can’t see in these pics but when she sends me her pro shots you can see them there).

Jay and I realize that we’re blogging more about other people’s weddings than our own (wedding planning, that is)!  That’s cos it’s still a bit early and the bulk of our planning will likely start in January.  But it will come soon enough 🙂  Right now, it’s just been a blessing to kind of vicariously enjoy everyone else’s unions 🙂

My parents, who get invited to a gazillion weddings a year, take home all sorts of souvenirs, programs and mental notes for Jay and I, which is nice cos then we have templates for the missalette, reception program (if we even have one…) and those kinds of details. I feel like right now, my dad is the one who’s really into asking me all these wedding-related questions that I don’t yet have the answer to… he’s excited, I guess. 🙂

Anyways, to anyone interested in having their wedding ceremony at The Tropicana, click here for more info.  Hope you enjoyed the pics from Jen and Norlynne’s (or ‘Noc,’ his nickname… I think).



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5 responses to “Jen’s Wedding in Vegas

  1. jenjen

    i feel so special to be written about in someones blog and may pictures pa! haha! i will send u the pro ones soon. just need to scan them. oh and yes, noc is his nickname:)

  2. jenjen

    oh one last thing. if u notice..the “giveaway” box pattern is sorta the same as the pattern on my dress:)

  3. no, we did not notice and thank you for pointing it out!!! jay and i have bets on what’s inside… jay thinks it’s “something fabric” and i think it’s something edible…

  4. jen

    you are right! something edible. “hugs and kisses” chocolates. we were cheap. we did it the night before the wedding. we werent even gonna give anyone anything. it was supposed to be “hugs and kisses from the mr and mrs.” OR we were gonna put reeces peanut butter cups and say “reeces from the mr. and mee-sees” everyone was pinoy anyway. haha!

  5. jen

    our other giveaway was a cd of songs we chose and noc’s bro burned 50 copies for all the guests with pictures of us pa on the cd itself. aww! (note: we chose “lets stay together” too) but that wasnt our wedding song. ours is cooler.:p

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