Introducing Bela

Isabela (‘Bela’) is my friend, Barbara’s, 4 yr. old daughter.  She’s too cute for school.  I saw her last 3 years ago in their Manhattan apartment.  It was pretty amazing really.  I remember Barbara in their bathroom freshening up and Bela crawling from her parent’s room to where the bathroom door was; she wanted to watch her mom get ready.   But then Barbara turned around and just gave Bela a knowing smile (like, ‘uh-oh, no crawling in the bathroom for you little one’) and Bela stopped right at the door – because she’s a genius and she knew better.  All of this from a kid who was barely crawling.  Genius, I tell you.

Now, Bela is big enough to walk down the aisle (and to go to Pre-K!) and to be a beautiful little flower girl!  How adorable is she with that parasol?  Barbs said that she had to be rushed to the E.R. when they got into San Francisco because she had a high fever (what is it with getting high fevers before weddings?!?  I feel your pain, Bela), but I think she managed to get better for the ceremony and the reception.  And it looks like she made a few new friends along the way. 

Congrats to Bela’s mom and dad (Barbs and Vidal), who celebrated their 5 year anniversary in August!

Ee-lynn with her girls

A brave Bela walking down the aisle despite feeling under the weather

Vidal’s Girls – Barbs with Bela


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