I missed Eri’s wedding. :-( And a picture from Amy and Rob’s wedding!

I can’t even begin to describe how horrible I felt, both physically and emotionally, last week and especially on Saturday when I missed Eri and Nick’s wedding. I wasn’t able to attend her despedida de soltera, her bridal shower, her hen night, and yes, her Big Day. I was devastated and still am in shock over how sick I was that entire week… unforkingbelievable. I feel ok now, still have remnants of the cough, but at least the hellish fevers are gone and my blood work today (the 4th for the week) showed some promising recovery. Jay was lovely on Saturday… he attended the church wedding, took pictures and observed and then hightailed over to my house to tell me everything that he saw.  He knows how badly I wanted to muster up the strength to go but… I was still too weak.  I missed it. 😦 ok no more dwelling…

The picture below is of Amy and Rob at their very intimate wedding in Big Sur, Cali. Amy was my very patient boss at CPAF in Los Angeles, where we advocated on behalf of the rights of immigrants and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, among other things. She described just a handful of her close family and friends being present, while a friend presided over their wedding rites, and well, it was in Big Sur, so the backdrop was pretty gorgeous, to say the least. Amy and Rob, congratulations on making it official! What a gorgeous couple.



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