You Give Me Something

I’ve always held music close to my heart. When you hear those first chords, or those first notes the singer hits, or when the bass line enters and your ears perk up. The hairs on your arms stand on end, and for next 4 minutes or so your transfixed. Hanging on to every chord, every note until the end of the song. Then you hit ‘repeat’.
With that said, I want the music at our wedding to be just right. The reception at least. I want people to remember the music we played during the reception. I want to be able to look around the room during dinner and see people bobbing their heads and tapping their feet. I want to see people singing along to the same music Cathy and I would sing along too.
I’m looking forward to the day I finally get to sit down and plan out the playlist for the reception. My favorite songs, Cathy’s favorite songs, our favorite songs. It’s going to be beautiful. What’s great is, by that time next year, there will be a slew of new favorites for sure. And James Morrison just got added. I know nothing of him but his music. But I’m sure we’ll hear about him soon. Here’s his site that plays his current single “Wonderful World”. But head on over to his myspace and listen to “You Give Me Something”.
He’ll be singing at the reception for sure. But I’ve always wanted to have Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” to play at our wedding day. So next year, we’ll all be singing “..loving you whether.. whether times are good, or bad, happy or …”


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