Aryani’s Wedding in Jakarta


Yep, in case you checked out our Jakarta photo album from Jay’s previous entry, that’s Aryani Manring and her husband, Scott. They were lucky enough to have two ceremonies, a Western/Christian one in Pittsburgh (where Scott’s from) and a traditional Javanese ceremony in Jakarta (where Aryani is from).

The venue where the ceremony was held, The Dharmawangsa Hotel, was gorgeous. If you’re ever in Jakarta make sure you take a look around this hotel and the area in which it’s located (Kemang), which they’ve developed into this expat-tourist haven of boutiques, restos, bars/lounges, and clubs… for better or for worse, it really depends on which side of the tourism wars you’re on.

Jay and I saw a lot of familiar faces, like Mr. Gene Magill, Mr. Goodell, Alexa Hergessell, Roderick des Tombe, Ronnie Chiu, and a few friends of Aryani from Swarthmore and the States in general that I feel like I’ve known because she used to talk about them so much; it was nice to finally meet everyone in person, and for such a beautiful evening!

Ary was a trooper… she had to shake hands and chat it up with around 1,200++ guests. Now, that’s what I call a BIG wedding. Additionally, she walked around with that headdress and layers of cloth (for her kebaya) and jasmine (looooong leis) on heels throughout the entire night. But she lasted!

In classic Aryani fashion, in the middle of her procession to the main ballroom, she broke out of poise for 1 second to yell out, “CATHY PA-RAS!!!!” when she spotted Jay and I walking in (5 minutes late!) from the tail-end.

Another great thing about going back to Indo was that I got a chance to see and talk to Alexa, who was one of 2 of my closest friends in Washington, D.C. She ended up living a block away from me and writing this from Alabang… my life in that horrendous apartment building seems so far away! But most of my memorable times in DC were with Alexa, at her (or my) apartment, on a weekday, sitting on the floor eating Thai take-out from Thai-tanic 🙂 while the Bachelor was on t.v., discussing men, politics and all the reasons why we weren’t back in Southeast Asia.

And now, Alexa is living and working in Indo and I’m back in the Phils. Funny how that happened.


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