Michi Calica

Picking Michi Calica to be our entourage designer was such an organic process; it felt ‘right’ to go with her. Now, as far as new experiences go, I usually do my research beforehand so that I don’t waste anyone’s time; picking a designer for my gown (and the entourage) wasn’t any different. I checked out Michi’s site (www.michicalica.com) after she was recommended to me by Jay’s sister’s friend, who happens to be part of Michi’s design team, and then after we finally coordinated our schedules, my mom and I trekked to San Juan from Alabang this past Tuesday.

michi's shop

I highly recommend The Oasis to engaged couples in their planning stages because it’s basically a one-stop shop/area. There’s Michi’s boutique, a wedding/event invite design place, a photographer, and I think a make-up artist/beauty salon; all of these shops comprise The Oasis. I may go with the suppliers that are already there because their samples were all very impressive and coming from Alabang, it will be really convenient to store-hop if all of the suppliers are in the same area. 🙂 Economy is everything, especially when time and gas money are involved!

Back to Michi.

I immediately felt comfortable at her boutique.. she had couches where you can relax while you complete her 2-page questionnaire. A few of the sample questions:

1) What fashion accessory or wardrobe item can’t you live without?
2) How would you describe yourself?
3) Do you have colors/a motif/a theme in mind for the wedding?
4) What are your fashion dislikes?
5) How many guests will you have?
6) What accessories do you see yourself having for the day of?
7) Where is the ceremony venue? The reception?

When you finally meet with her at her work space (separate from the waiting area/main store), she just kind of chats it up with you, gets to know you a bit, if you’re a romantic, a pragmatist, sophisticated, urbane, traditional, or unconventional. Now, after all of this, she asks you to stand to get a sense of your proportions. And then she shows you a silhouette and a kind of rough design and starts to create an overall look for you, all the while taking the time to listen to what you’re comfortable with, what’s you and what’s not you.

Now, the really weird thing was that I had a design in mind coming in to the appointment. And her silhouette and design/fabric/texture ideas was almost identical to the one I had tucked in my purse. 🙂 When she presented her silhouette to mama and I, my mom’s eyes got really big because she knew that I was looking at the beginnings of my gown. So that was really neat.

After that, Michi had me try on 2 gowns that she made for a ramp show and they were… absolutely exquisite. The fall, the fabric, the texturing… everything was just beautiful and romantic, but at the same time still modern, urbane and classy. That’s what I want to look like on the Big Day, essentially. And I know that Michi will be able to work with me to get to that point so we signed with her on the spot. 🙂 That’s kind of the way my mom taught me to work.. just go on instinct and trust.

Michi and her husband (on her wedding day)

So now that picking the designer has been dealt with, I feel like I can concentrate on preparing myself for my professional life next year. I’ll be juggling ClickTheCity and teaching at DLSU (world literature) while finishing grad school… it’s going to be a busy 2007.

Jay’s sick right now… and he’s thankfully taken my suggestion to go home and rest. He’s so adorable when he’s sick. So I’ll go and pay attention to him now ;).


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