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Jay here. Checking in for the second post of our blog. Blog. I had one before, but I slowly lost interest, and after a couple months of inactivity, I gave up. This one however, I am excited about. And to tell you the truth, as I’m writing this, the anxiety and nervousness that people worldwide have access to our lives is, well, kinda exciting! Blogs. They’re something else.
Now, I am nowhere near the writer that Cathy is, nor as prolific (the same goes for conversations). So you’ll see her in here more than me. But I’ll be sure to drop in as often as possible as the Big Day gets closer and closer.
As of this published entry, the Big Day is still more than a year away and Cathy and I get excited everytime we talk about it (which is a good hour or two a day).
I love it when I see Cathy get excited. It makes me happy to see her get all giddy. Today, she had booked a designer for her dress (I’m sure, she’ll post about it extensively soon), and when she was telling me about it, I couldn’t help but just listen and smile. It’s great.
Stay tuned for that story.
Meanwhile, I’ll leave you all with some photos (who doesn’t love looking at photos) we took during a recent and significant trip to our old stomping grounds. Jakarta, Indonesia. Significant because Jakarta was where Cathy and I first met, over 12 years ago. And also when, during our trip, we decided to finally move on to that next ‘phase’ in our relationship. So here ya go:
Gallery One | Gallery Two


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