The Beginning…

We’re excited about this blog for many different reasons. We really like the idea of sharing with our friends and family all the fun, challenging, ridiculous, useful, and more important, growth-filled experiences that we’ll likely have throughout our engagement year. This blog also saves us money (around $USD69.00++, the fee for a 12-month wedding webpage at Wedding Window, which is soooo lovely, btw), and time (e-mailing/texting/calling long distance to address wedding update requests as they come piecemeal… eek!). If it interests you, you’ll also likely hear about what Jay and I are up to at work and at play.

Now, we realize that not everyone really cares about what our color scheme will be (although believe you me, we’ve already had lengthy conversations with people who do care..) or if we’re going with a Modern Filipiniana or a Day in the Country theme (undecided). But we know that our postings on lodging/accommodation, get-togethers, entertainment for the day-of/week-of, will have utility value come closer to Nov. 24, 2007 (save the date!). And for the ladies out there (and the fashion-savvy males), the details of picking the bridal gown designer, a dress design (gulp!), flowers, reception ideas, potentials for the honeymoon destination – all of this may be interesting, mildly amusing, and perhaps some day useful for you (and particularly for a certain cousin, whose name will be left out because she has yet to tell her family that her and her beau are planning on getting married next September!).

Mostly, we created this to share the love!

Speaking of ….

There’s a very important nuptial ceremony happening on this very day, November 4, 2006 – Jay’s sister, Jen, is getting married at the Tropicana Las Vegas today! And the sweetest thing is that her husband (aaaah!!!!) actually designed her wedding dress for her. Imagine, she’s going to have original outfits forever cos lucky for her, she’s marrying a designer whom she met while at fashion school here in Manila. Congratulations and blessings to Mr. & Mrs. Patagoc!

This is just the beginning. Come and visit us often and say hi while you’re at it!

Peace and light.

– Cath


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  1. jen

    aww! thanks for including us on this post!

    what a great idea to have a wedding blog! i wanna copy you.haha!

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