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I missed Eri’s wedding. :-( And a picture from Amy and Rob’s wedding!

I can’t even begin to describe how horrible I felt, both physically and emotionally, last week and especially on Saturday when I missed Eri and Nick’s wedding. I wasn’t able to attend her despedida de soltera, her bridal shower, her hen night, and yes, her Big Day. I was devastated and still am in shock over how sick I was that entire week… unforkingbelievable. I feel ok now, still have remnants of the cough, but at least the hellish fevers are gone and my blood work today (the 4th for the week) showed some promising recovery. Jay was lovely on Saturday… he attended the church wedding, took pictures and observed and then hightailed over to my house to tell me everything that he saw.  He knows how badly I wanted to muster up the strength to go but… I was still too weak.  I missed it. 😦 ok no more dwelling…

The picture below is of Amy and Rob at their very intimate wedding in Big Sur, Cali. Amy was my very patient boss at CPAF in Los Angeles, where we advocated on behalf of the rights of immigrants and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, among other things. She described just a handful of her close family and friends being present, while a friend presided over their wedding rites, and well, it was in Big Sur, so the backdrop was pretty gorgeous, to say the least. Amy and Rob, congratulations on making it official! What a gorgeous couple.



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The Norths

Kind of a busy weekend. As my precious and fragile fiance nursed a debilitating sickness, I attended the much anticipated nuptials of Nick and Erika North. But let’s backtrack a bit. At the beginning of the week, Cathy had gotten very ill. At first we though it was an allergic reaction, then dengue, and now she’s nursing what might be sickness from exhaustion. It could’t have come at a worst time, because the whole week was a celebration for our good friends mentioned above. Nobody was more excited than Cathy. Seeing one of her good friends getting hitched, and-in my theory-reveling in the whole process because she was unconsciously planning out our own pre-nuptial celebration. Nevertheless, the sickness came and conquered. And as hard as she tried to get better for Saturday, it didn’t happen. So I went as her representative, and also to witness the marriage of two amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting through Cathy. I present to you Mr. and Mrs. North.

the norths

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Dette’s Engaged!!!


My cousin, Dette, is engaged!!! (L to R – Michelle, Dette, Ena, and I.  Wow, I was still really dark then from… a scuba trip to Davao I think… sadly I’m a bit pasty right now)

Her and Andrew finally made it official yesterday, her birthday – nice present, Andrew 😉  Pictures and details to come next week after her birthday lunch on Sunday and our powwow with Ena and our significant others (and of course, Ena’s little one, Alyssa). 


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You Give Me Something

I’ve always held music close to my heart. When you hear those first chords, or those first notes the singer hits, or when the bass line enters and your ears perk up. The hairs on your arms stand on end, and for next 4 minutes or so your transfixed. Hanging on to every chord, every note until the end of the song. Then you hit ‘repeat’.
With that said, I want the music at our wedding to be just right. The reception at least. I want people to remember the music we played during the reception. I want to be able to look around the room during dinner and see people bobbing their heads and tapping their feet. I want to see people singing along to the same music Cathy and I would sing along too.
I’m looking forward to the day I finally get to sit down and plan out the playlist for the reception. My favorite songs, Cathy’s favorite songs, our favorite songs. It’s going to be beautiful. What’s great is, by that time next year, there will be a slew of new favorites for sure. And James Morrison just got added. I know nothing of him but his music. But I’m sure we’ll hear about him soon. Here’s his site that plays his current single “Wonderful World”. But head on over to his myspace and listen to “You Give Me Something”.
He’ll be singing at the reception for sure. But I’ve always wanted to have Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” to play at our wedding day. So next year, we’ll all be singing “..loving you whether.. whether times are good, or bad, happy or …”

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Aryani’s Wedding in Jakarta


Yep, in case you checked out our Jakarta photo album from Jay’s previous entry, that’s Aryani Manring and her husband, Scott. They were lucky enough to have two ceremonies, a Western/Christian one in Pittsburgh (where Scott’s from) and a traditional Javanese ceremony in Jakarta (where Aryani is from).

The venue where the ceremony was held, The Dharmawangsa Hotel, was gorgeous. If you’re ever in Jakarta make sure you take a look around this hotel and the area in which it’s located (Kemang), which they’ve developed into this expat-tourist haven of boutiques, restos, bars/lounges, and clubs… for better or for worse, it really depends on which side of the tourism wars you’re on.

Jay and I saw a lot of familiar faces, like Mr. Gene Magill, Mr. Goodell, Alexa Hergessell, Roderick des Tombe, Ronnie Chiu, and a few friends of Aryani from Swarthmore and the States in general that I feel like I’ve known because she used to talk about them so much; it was nice to finally meet everyone in person, and for such a beautiful evening!

Ary was a trooper… she had to shake hands and chat it up with around 1,200++ guests. Now, that’s what I call a BIG wedding. Additionally, she walked around with that headdress and layers of cloth (for her kebaya) and jasmine (looooong leis) on heels throughout the entire night. But she lasted!

In classic Aryani fashion, in the middle of her procession to the main ballroom, she broke out of poise for 1 second to yell out, “CATHY PA-RAS!!!!” when she spotted Jay and I walking in (5 minutes late!) from the tail-end.

Another great thing about going back to Indo was that I got a chance to see and talk to Alexa, who was one of 2 of my closest friends in Washington, D.C. She ended up living a block away from me and writing this from Alabang… my life in that horrendous apartment building seems so far away! But most of my memorable times in DC were with Alexa, at her (or my) apartment, on a weekday, sitting on the floor eating Thai take-out from Thai-tanic 🙂 while the Bachelor was on t.v., discussing men, politics and all the reasons why we weren’t back in Southeast Asia.

And now, Alexa is living and working in Indo and I’m back in the Phils. Funny how that happened.

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Tippi Ocampo


(above from Wedding Essentials June 2006)

If you’re looking for another designer who is fun, flirty, fashionable, and filipina 🙂 then checkout Tippi Ocampo!

You can view our Viewfinder feature on her and also go to her site: Tippi Ocampo . In addition to doing bridal couture, she also has an RTW line (playfully called Pret-a-Party), another line called Lounge Lizard which she designs with a friend, and then her haute couture pieces.  Her storefront is both online and of course, in-person at her shop in Merville.  She’s smart, easy to talk to and clearly very talented.  Jay and I shared an easy afternoon shoot with her. 

More power to ya, Tippi!

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Michi Calica

Picking Michi Calica to be our entourage designer was such an organic process; it felt ‘right’ to go with her. Now, as far as new experiences go, I usually do my research beforehand so that I don’t waste anyone’s time; picking a designer for my gown (and the entourage) wasn’t any different. I checked out Michi’s site ( after she was recommended to me by Jay’s sister’s friend, who happens to be part of Michi’s design team, and then after we finally coordinated our schedules, my mom and I trekked to San Juan from Alabang this past Tuesday.

michi's shop

I highly recommend The Oasis to engaged couples in their planning stages because it’s basically a one-stop shop/area. There’s Michi’s boutique, a wedding/event invite design place, a photographer, and I think a make-up artist/beauty salon; all of these shops comprise The Oasis. I may go with the suppliers that are already there because their samples were all very impressive and coming from Alabang, it will be really convenient to store-hop if all of the suppliers are in the same area. 🙂 Economy is everything, especially when time and gas money are involved!

Back to Michi.

I immediately felt comfortable at her boutique.. she had couches where you can relax while you complete her 2-page questionnaire. A few of the sample questions:

1) What fashion accessory or wardrobe item can’t you live without?
2) How would you describe yourself?
3) Do you have colors/a motif/a theme in mind for the wedding?
4) What are your fashion dislikes?
5) How many guests will you have?
6) What accessories do you see yourself having for the day of?
7) Where is the ceremony venue? The reception?

When you finally meet with her at her work space (separate from the waiting area/main store), she just kind of chats it up with you, gets to know you a bit, if you’re a romantic, a pragmatist, sophisticated, urbane, traditional, or unconventional. Now, after all of this, she asks you to stand to get a sense of your proportions. And then she shows you a silhouette and a kind of rough design and starts to create an overall look for you, all the while taking the time to listen to what you’re comfortable with, what’s you and what’s not you.

Now, the really weird thing was that I had a design in mind coming in to the appointment. And her silhouette and design/fabric/texture ideas was almost identical to the one I had tucked in my purse. 🙂 When she presented her silhouette to mama and I, my mom’s eyes got really big because she knew that I was looking at the beginnings of my gown. So that was really neat.

After that, Michi had me try on 2 gowns that she made for a ramp show and they were… absolutely exquisite. The fall, the fabric, the texturing… everything was just beautiful and romantic, but at the same time still modern, urbane and classy. That’s what I want to look like on the Big Day, essentially. And I know that Michi will be able to work with me to get to that point so we signed with her on the spot. 🙂 That’s kind of the way my mom taught me to work.. just go on instinct and trust.

Michi and her husband (on her wedding day)

So now that picking the designer has been dealt with, I feel like I can concentrate on preparing myself for my professional life next year. I’ll be juggling ClickTheCity and teaching at DLSU (world literature) while finishing grad school… it’s going to be a busy 2007.

Jay’s sick right now… and he’s thankfully taken my suggestion to go home and rest. He’s so adorable when he’s sick. So I’ll go and pay attention to him now ;).

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